Electric Houses Featured By Fully Charged

JUL 9 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

Houses are a separate topic to cars, but the specifics of how electric cars are powered makes housing highly related to EVs.

Electric Houses | Fully Charged

Electric Houses | Fully Charged

That’s because most of the time plug-in vehicles are charged in home, which requires own charging spot. Without reserved parking spot it’s difficult to enjoy electric car in the city.

The second aspect is that a house equipped with solar panels could produce electricity (and store it via an energy storage solution), becoming a producer and a fuel station for EV.

Energy efficient or even passive houses in UK were recently featured by Fully Charged.

“Electric Houses Featured By Fully Charged

A short update on the UK housing crisis. Is there a crisis? (checks nearest tabloid headline) of course there’s a crisis, there’s always a massive, life-threatening crisis.”


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Sorry but lot of ways to charge in the city.
While at work from 120vac in the parking garage to the many level 2-3 chargers available.
Same at home parking if nothing else get a power drop from the utility for your personal charge station costs little. We get them all the time in construction.
I’ve always used car garages downtown and haven’t found any without 120vac yet and are putting in larger ones all the time.
If you buy a Bolt, Tesla many would only need charging once a week.
There are lots of solutions if you want. It only a problem for those who want it to be.

Looking forward to Robert’s report on V2Home boxes and home batteries.

Its like anything, there needs to be demand. People need to ask for solar houses from day one. If one builder tells you no, you find another one.

My friends have had one for awhile now. It just needed more PV panels to make up for the Leaf’s energy use.


Excellent presentation. While many older homes are installing solar panels on top, the newer homes installing it is very few.

Hope the new home buyers realize and start asking for such homes. May be this will pick up with the usage of more electric vehicles.

Same holds true for factories and office buildings who can install panels which will block the sunlight from hitting the roof which will also reduce the power for cooling.

Distributed power generation and off-the-grid living are rare and will continue to be rare. Since PV and wind power are competitive with nuke and coal now, the utilities will install new or replacement plants using renewables. There is no reason to have additional maintenance nightmares by going distributed.

I can get pure wind-generated grid power right now at slightly more than NG and nuke power. Why would I install PV on my roof with zero hope of saving money? If the utility needs my roof, I’ll rent it to them.

Why would I install PV on my roof with zero hope of saving money?

This statement is absolutely wrong in a lot of the country. There are different pay-off times depending on where you reside of course. My system went live 6/30/2010. It paid for itself in late February 2016. Since then it has been making money for me. That of course doesn’t include the value add when I sell my house. YMMV

Solar PV is competitive to nuclear you say? So please tell me how you get solar power at night or on a cloudy day.

Someone out there, isn’t real bright. It comes from batteries, clean fueled battery charger.
And where do YOU get peak power nukes can’t produce? They are shutting down as they can’t even make running costs or sell off peak power.
Facts are for me and many now solar on or offgrid costs less done right.
if you want nuke you best stsrt fighting for a carbon/ pollution tax on ffs and for the industry to modernize to cheaper, more safe smaller nukes that might have a future as pwr certainly doesn’t.

Mr Llewellyn has done oodles of similarly entertaining/informative videos under the ‘Fully Charged’ name over the last few years – all on YouTube if you care to watch them… MW