Electric GT Tesla Model S P100D In Action On The Track – Video


Electric GT Tesla Model S P100D On The Track

Electric GT Tesla Model S P100D On The Track

Just a week or so ago, the Electric GT racing series unveiled its new Tesla Model S P100D.

The tuned Tesla is capable of zipping from 0 to 60 MPH in just 2 seconds courtesy of its new Ludicrous + mode and 500 kg weight reduction (as compared to a production Tesla Model S P100D).

Now, for the first time ever, we catch a brief glimpse of this highly modded P100D lapping a track. It sticks like glue and seems to be flying down the straights and around the corners.

It sure will be exciting to watch these vehicles in action when the real races begin.

Editor’s Note:  As some of our astute readers have pointed out, it appears that the Model S in the video is not sporting the P100 refreshed front end.  With that said, Electric GT is promoting the car as having the new 100 kWh capacity.  Video description:

“Testing at Pau Circuit. #TeslaModelS #P100 #testdrive”

It may be the case that Electric GT is still using the original body and modifications made with the original car, but now has it outfitted/swapped with the 100 kWh battery for testing today…or someone in PR has overstepped.  Either way, the Tesla certainly is fast.

Here’s the race schedule breakdown for the Electric GT Championship:

  • starts in 2017
  • worldwide championships – 7 events on famous tracks including the Nurburgring (Germany), Circuit Paul Ricard (France) and Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona (Spain), and three non-championship race events in the Americas
  • 10 teams with 20 drivers
  • Two races per event: Weekends will consist of a 20-minute practice session, 30-minute qualifying, a day race (60 km) and a dusk race (60 km)
    Each round will be a weekend-long festival of technology and innovation for sustainability, in and around the circuits. Fans will be able to stream races via Periscope, Twitch and YouTube, as well as interact directly with the teams using social media platforms.

Some bonus video below:

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In Jeremy Clarkson’s voice:

“I think I’m having a crisis!”


That isnt the P100D. If you stop the video at 7 seconds in you can clearly see that it has the “classic” front grille. the P100D doesn’t have a front grill.


It does appear that way, but they aren’t promoting it as such. They could be using the old/modified setup and have swapped the new battery into the test car as it takes some time to retool a completely new car.

Video description:
“Testing at Pau Circuit. #TeslaModelS #P100 #testdrive”

Will try to get some clarification…but it’s still pretty fast, (=

Others have noted on various sites that this is actually the P85D demonstrator and not the P100D that they have been preparing to use.

You can tell the difference by the older nose cone. The P100D has the facelift.

I’d like to see this car at the drag strip doing 0-60 in 2 sec. That way, when Tesla goes up against heavily modified gas cars, it’s more apples to apples.

plus ten

Judging from spectator movements, does this video look sped up?

yeah, I don’t know why they felt the need to speed up the video. somewhat misleading/false

I’ve checked the crowd movements (and the ‘twanging’ of the fence wire 🙂 ) quite closely. I think it may well not be speeded up.

I can’t really claim to be an expert in video analysis though. . .

What I want to see and know, is whether this thing can do more than a couple hot laps before the controller/motor overheats and goes into reduced power mode.

A 14 second video isn’t going to show that.

Wow, pretty weak when they speed up the video.

I’m looking forward to EV racing like nobody else, but do they realize how lame they are when they publish stuff like this, or is this another Formula E music video disaster in the making?

Ya it was sped up at the end. Watch the hand and fingers. Don’t know why they had to do that.