Electric GT Racing Series Teases Gen 2 Racer – A Modified Tesla Model S P100D


Electric GT Teaser Press Image

Electric GT Teaser Press Image

Just last week, the Electric GT (EGT) Championship unveiled the Tesla Model S P100D for its next generation racing series. The new series will be known as EGT V2.0, and will begin in 2017. Previously, the series utilized the Tesla P85+, and the understanding was that it would stick to that model. This seemed strange since the P100D would be the obvious, better choice.

Electric GT Championship – first-gen Tesla Model S P85+

Electric GT Championship – first-gen Tesla Model S P85+

EGT has reported that the V2.0 design is all set and now the official partner companies will be doing their part to get the P100D race-ready. Of the race format, EGT explained:

“Weekends will consist of a 20-minute practice session, 60-minute qualifying, a day race (60km) and a dusk race (60km). Each round will be a weekend-long festival of technology and innovation for sustainability, in and around the circuits.”

There are no official pictures or solid details about the new Model S yet, aside from the covered photo above, that EGT openly shared with the press. We do know that the P100D will be faster (of course), but even moreso due to 500kg less weight, and tweaks related to acceleration and handling. Faster than zero to 60 in 2.4 seconds (per the upcoming software update that Elon Musk has revealed)? Nice.

The usual outfit of racing suspension, racing brakes, and Pirelli slicks are a given, along with a roll cage. It will likely have a similar aerokit and huge rear spoiler as seen in the current Tesla Model S P85+.

Electric GT CEO, Mark Gemmell, shared:

“The Electric GT V2.0 design is the fastest way towards the ‘Age of Light’. I am very excited to be using the Tesla Model S P100D as it is incredibly quick and innovative. This week we opened the subscription period for teams and the new car announcement is an exciting prospect for those who want to join us.”

Ten international teams, comprised of a total of 20 professional drivers – with the likes of Jeroen Bleekemolen, Kevin Ceccon, and Leilani Münter – will all compete against each other in identical Tesla Model S P100D generation 2 racers.

Source: ElectricGT

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They took 1000 lbs out of the P100D. I wonder how they did it. I can’t imagine just gutting the interior would do all of it.

I wonder how they modified the battery and motor cooling. Seems like I read the Tesla’s would over heat on the race track.

The cooling of the battery was one of the big improvements they did with the redesigned 100kw pack.

Sure, and upgrade, but I don’t think that was anywhere near sufficient to turn the MS into a racecar capable of running near top speed for 20+ minutes.

georgeS said:

“They took 1000 lbs out of the P100D. I wonder how they did it.”

Yeah, I’d love to see a list of what they took out. Hard to see how they could remove 1000 lbs without cutting out pieces of the body!

After a bit of thought:

The cabin air conditioner and heater, perhaps; altho I’m not certain the A/C is completely separate from the battery pack cooling system. (No direct connection with circulation of fluids, but perhaps a heat exchanger somewhere in the loops.)

Airbags and seats weigh alot. Also no need for speakers or climate control. Only one seat and one set of seatbelts needed. Carpet, padding, wipers, sunroof, horn, lights, center console, glovebox and all interior panels are gone. But they do put back a little bit of weight with the rollcage.

My question is, did this racing series even start yet? And they’re already announcing totally different cars for next season?

I don’t think they’ve done the first race yet, have they? I had a look at their website and can’t find a date for the first race (whether past or future).

So are they skipping the P85s altogether?