Electric GT Racing Series To Feature Only Tesla Model S P85, P85+

MAR 11 2016 BY MARK KANE 8

Menacing Tesla Model S Rendering by Khyzyl Saleem

Menacing Tesla Model S Rendering by Khyzyl Saleem

A new electric racing series Electric GT World is under development, with launch scheduled for 2017.

It sounds pretty interesting because the Tesla Model S is to be default choice for 10 teams (total 20 cars), with other pure electric models also to be welcomed in the future (the Rimac Concept_S was hinted as example).

In 2017, 7 events are planned in Europe, America and Asia on race tracks like Barcelona, Donington, Mugello, Estoril.

The Electric GT World Series is to use only rear-wheel-drive Model S sedans – specifically the P85 or P85+, that also happen to be no longer produced in favor of 90 kWh versions.

The RWD Teslas are said to provide more spectacular racing than the more powerful AWD cars. We could assume that less peak power – from only one motor – will also be better in regards to battery pack overheating.

According to an interview with series founders Mark Gemmell (CEO) and Agustín Payá (“an engineer and race car driver who will oversee all technical developments and is owner of the championship“), Model S is more than suitable for GT racing.

“Although it is a luxurious super tourer it seems to be made for racing. Its weight distribution and astonishing low center of gravity, despite its considerable mass (more than 2 tons unmodified), allows unbelievable cornering speed, not forgetting its unending torque, which all add up to a great racing car,” continued Payá.”

According to the Electric Auto Sport, only minor modifications will be made to production cars.

source: electricautosport.com

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8 Comments on "Electric GT Racing Series To Feature Only Tesla Model S P85, P85+"

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Great idea, since they could acquire all the cars used to keep the team costs down.

Did they not give any details on how the cooling issues would be solved?

Ok, found the blurb. Sounds like more than “minor” modifications.

“We are making only small changes to the production Model S P85+ such as improved braking and aerodynamics to increase high speed grip. We will strengthen suspension, braking, cooling, and steering as well as reducing the overall weight. The rest, powertrain, battery, programming, everything is original.”

They are so strict on keeping things in parity in NASCAR, etc. I wonder how they will keep batteries evenly matched between all the teams.

They are probably going to need motor cooling.

Yes, they need a major cooling upgrade or the series won’t work.

I wonder if that was where all those Tesla CPO P85’s and P85+’s disappeared to at the beginning of the year, when Tesla’s CPO inventory suddenly dropped massively.

I’ll attend an event for sure. What is the schedule?

Can anyone post comparative lap times of a Model S on any known racetrack? Bonus points for lap times of an experience driver/racer.

I’m curious how they can back up the claim that the car is a “great racing car”.

I’ve seen one Model S out at a local HPDE (Fontana Raceway), but it was not an experienced driver and only ran in the slowest class of the day.