Why Electric Golf Carts Need Wheelie Bars (Video)


Wait, what?  Oh, Terry Hatfield and Shock Therapy Racing is at it again?  Oh, Okay.

Yes, via BangShift.com, we get an interesting little video of a supremely overpowered golf cart.  Read the whole story here, but here’s a snippet:

“Powerful and light LiPo batteries provide the power that spins the electric motor. The builder claims that the thing makes 270hp and when you see it make some runs we think that you will agree. When the guy lands on the (not so) loud pedal during the night run, the car doesn’t just go into some gentle wheelie and then gracefully come over. Instead, it went straight up and then all the way over backwards, ultimately landing on the roll cage and skidding to a stop.”

…and the video:

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9 responses to "Why Electric Golf Carts Need Wheelie Bars (Video)"
  1. Bill Howland says:

    Coincidentally last night I was driving a friend to a New Year’s party in my Roadster, but I hit a large patch of snow covered road, and my roadster spun around, and finally oriented itself to skid sideways down both lanes of a 2 lane road.

    SCARY….. No other cars on the road otherwise I’d have been the ‘SECOND’ tesla fatality.

    I think I was going, what? 27 mph? I’ll have to limit that car to 20 mph in snow from now on.

    Not a scratch on the car, or tires, but I’m definitely pushing my luck. If there had been other cars on the road I’d hate to think of what might have happened.

    1. Kosh says:

      Clearly, you need to add a P85D or Model X to your stable…. 😉

      1. Bill Howland says:

        Or drive the Volt during inclement weather…..I didn’t drive it since it was under 26 degrees F and I knew the engine would start so I took the BEV, but its a bit unpredictable in Snow compared to the Volt.

  2. Spec9 says:

    I want to see the footage from the GoPro camera that was mounted to the roll cage.

  3. Anon says:

    Bill: Glad you’re OK.

    Over modded golf cart = deathtrap.

    1. Mark C says:

      IMHO, it is no “Death Trap,” in fact when the guys pushed it upright there appeared to be very little damage at all. I’d guess he drove it back to the pits and maybe even adjusted the ramp-up of the Zilla so he could try it again.

      1. Anon says:

        One piece of safety equipment that saved someone, does not absolve the vehicle from being a deathtrap.

        1. Ted Dillard says:

          Let it be noted that drag racing is one of the most dangerous motorsports on the planet. That said, yes, there’s a significant amount of safety equipment designed into the vehicles, and fatalities are quite rare. (Illegal street drag racing, however, is another matter.)

          It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but this is far from just an “over-modded golf cart” and it wasn’t built or run by guys who don’t know what they’re doing. Knowing the team as I do, they’re consummate professionals with decades of experience.

    2. Bill Howland says:

      Anon thanks. Not sure why but the rear end of the car suddenly swung around…. The car is stable on dry pavement but its either the huge weight on the rear wheels or the high center of gravity of the batteries, but it was definitely a new experience… Its funny that it took over 40000 miles for that to show up, and thats with new tires all around.