Electric Future Of Rallycross – Debut Video


The World Rallycross Championship switches to all-electric cars in 2020.

Former World Rally Championship regular Manfred Stohl explains why this kind of car will ensure rallycross continues to be spectacular in an interview with Motorsport.tv’s The Flying Lap.

“During the driving, I don’t miss the noise,” says Stohl, who has tested the STARD electric rallycross car.

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“The drifting is the same, the sliding, the turning, the braking, everything feels very similar to a combustion engine and from the inside it’s not a big issue except the small noises you hear.”

With spectacular footage of the machine in action, you can see why this 544-hp car is going to be a crowd-pleaser despite the lack of noise.

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3 responses to "Electric Future Of Rallycross – Debut Video"
  1. MM says:

    YES !
    OH YES !
    I love going to the races, but there is one word that overshadows all the excitement.
    Maybe with ear plugs, or from a distance, it’s not so unhealthy, a move to electric cars would be a boon for attendance.

  2. EVShopper says:

    With the instant control that electric motors offer, the handling on these should be able,to be tuned to a phenomenal degree.

    Hopefully they will run this agains equivalent hp ICE Rally cars and destroy them.

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