Battery-Electric Ford F-150 Is Coming, Says CEO


It was only a matter of time, but now the time until we see an all-electric Ford F-150 seems to be reduced considerably.

We are well aware that Ford has gone round and round about whether or not it will bring a plug-in hybrid or even a battery-electric F-150 pickup truck to market. Now that the company has made it clear that it will focus almost solely on trucks and SUVs, the ante is raised. Additionally, several startups have announced plans for an electric truck soon. Moreover, Tesla has solid plans for a pickup truck in the coming years.

Ford president of global markets Jim Farley recently spoke at an event in conjunction with the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. He shared:

We’re going to be electrifying the F-Series — battery electric and hybrid.

Going along with what we stated above, Farley talked about the automaker’s new outlook and admitted that the move to offer and all-electric and hybrid F-150 would help make the F-Series “futureproof.” Autoline’s John McElroy commented on the plans:

When he says ‘battery electric,’ what I’m taking that to mean is a battery electric vehicle. Pure electric. They’ve said they would have a hybrid plug-in version of the F-150. But this is different than what they’ve talked about in the past.

Tesla is talking about coming out with an electric pickup. And look what Tesla has done in the luxury segment. They’ve clobbered just about everybody. You can’t pooh-pooh that people won’t be interested in an electric pickup. Rivian Automotive is coming out with an all-electric pickup. These are the crown jewels for Ford Motor Co., the F-Series. Ford has got to react to competitive threats.

Jim Farley had much more to share about the reality of this announcement and the reasoning behind the automaker’s plans. He said:

Ninety-percent of our capital now is allocated toward trucks and utilities. We have the F-Series, the world and America’s best-selling truck. More than a million units were sold last year. F-Series core strength at the end of the day is: There’s a truck for every customer and we know those customers really, really well. From the F-150 all the way to the F-750. They all matter to us.

The F-Series in unmatched when compared to the competition, not only in sales, but also in a plethora of other categories. It’s the best-selling vehicle in America. To see it offered in a pure-electric configuration will be a huge step forward for the EV segment.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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Wow, so they will after all make F150 EV after all …. I am shocked. Is this April 1st already?

We’ve heard this kind of stuff before. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Oh I believe it all right, I’m sure Rivian’s impressive R1T has been quite the wake up call. Too late to stop Rivian from becoming a competitor though I reckon, that’s what happens when your too focused on milking the cashcow to see the change coming.

Rivian is a rich outdoorsy trick. Not us for like hauling or contruction

Hmm, most of the trucks I see on the road are very well kitted out, leather seats and all the chrome and gizmos, seems like the ‘rich outdoorsy trick’ is the market that sells.

To some degree. Contractors like loaded trucks too.
With a separate box, if a construction accident happens the box can be easily and relatively cheaply replaced. Not so with the lifestyle trucks like Ridgeline and R1T

To quote an industry executive on who buys trucks, “a lot of the people who buy our trucks will never haul more than a rain drop.” There are a lot of those people in my suburban town.

….but they can….and in case of a zombie apocalypse how much easier would be in a truck?

Also one person in vehicle and empty box!

It’s not like early Ford EV pick ups with similar specs are going to be cheap though I would agree that Ford could have a serious cost advantage if it takes this seriously.

If they choose to use the Rivian platform, they cut out nearly all of the EV R&D costs. If they can adapt the ICE body to the platform (the overall frame shape is not that different) then everything above the frame is cost shared with the large number of ICE units. Makes for a relatively quick entrance to the market and will be substantially less expensive than Rivian or Tesla. Not a direct competitor to Rivian or Tesla, but maybe aimed more at people who aren’t looking for a lifestyle vehicle but a more practical truck. Then they can offer all trim levels with virtually no extra cost since they are all designed to fit into the ICE version. We’d need Mr Munro to cost out the F150 chassis and the Rivian chassis, but I’d guess the Rivian chassis with somewhere in the range of 50kWh of battery capacity should be about the same price as the entire F150 chassis (including complete drivetrain, note that a 3.5l Ecoboost Crate Engine is $9200 and a 10 Speed transmission is $4500). So the transaction price of the F150 BEV might be the same as the F150 ICE plus the price of the… Read more »

It’s a trade-off, if you use a shared platform with ICE the you can save with shared R&D budget, but lose out on EV efficiency and cost per vehicle in return.

A quick and easy fix if you’re tight on time or budget, but a dedicated platform will be what you need to optimize and hit market benchmarks vs the competition.

For sake of example, would you pay $70k for 200 mile range, with higher range drop-off as you climb the speed curve, and 20 percent less storage space vs of $80k for 250 miles and none of those drawbacks if they went with design optimization?

Customers will be voting on such things pretty soon.

I’d sure take a $55k/150kWh F150 (based on the same $35k F150 I have now) that should have 300+ miles range* over the $69k/105kWh/230 miles range that Rivian announced.

* Rivian said their 135kWh pack would provide 300+ miles range

The F150 BEV would likely have an even bigger frunk than the Rivian.

The EV efficiencies on a truck are basically the body shape – Body on frame means it’s essentially already a skateboard design. Cars are different because they have Monocoque chassis, making rejigging compartments much harder. An example of this is the fact Rivian were using an F150 body on their test mules. Any efficiency from the body shape benefits both the ICE and BEV, so they can design the body for the BEV and use the same (or very lightly modified – engine bay becomes a frunk, as seen on the Rivian) on the ICE. It’s worth mentioning at this point that Ford do a major refresh of their F150 bodies every 6 years (with a minor facelift every 3). The new body is scheduled for release with the 2021 model year truck (on sale towards the end of 2020), which ties in with the potential release of the PHEV. That means they can design the body for three drivetrains without any change to their normal schedule. As for storage space, the frame of an F150 is around the same depth as a Model 3 battery pack, and not much narrower as is. Essentially you could almost fit two 75KWh… Read more »

Well, we already saw that Rivian was using Ford bodies on their test mules. You’re suggestion is certainly reasonable, as far as I can tell.

It amuses me how people immediately criticize the likes of Rivian when the 4-door short-beds are rocking the pickup segment here in the US. Over Thanksgiving and Christmas, I went back home to central PA, which is largely rural and NOT rich by any means… and for the first time that I can recall, the 4-door short-beds are outnumbering the short-cab long-beds. Also, as I’ve stated elsewhere, the 4-door short-beds are all the rage here in the suburbs and exurbs of the big cities. They are truly at every turn here in the VA ‘burbs of DC. It is true for both the mid-size and full-size trucks.

Rivian knows exactly what they are doing, and they will sell every one that they can crank out for years to come. No problem whatsoever.

Same reason that Ford *should* not have any trouble selling the new Ranger, which only has two options, both of which are 4-door short-bed options.

The issue with the Rivian is that it’s almost 18″ shorter than the short bed. If it was the same length as the short beds on the full size (or even the mid size) then it wouldn’t be as much of an issue.

For right now, Rivian doesn’t make a *REAL* pickup. Any machine that would be a joke at the lumber yard isn’t a pickup. I can put a few 8ft 2x4s in my LEAF and close the doors and can even place full sheets of plyboard in my Chevy Venture minivan and close the door. Do that with a Rivian. When an old minivan does better at bringing home construction materials than a $100k device they call a pickup, there’s something wrong. Rivians are not pickups. (If they dropped the quad-cab and storage “channel” they might just be able to put an 8ft bed on there, but that’s not what they are selling today)

F-Series is America’s best selling truck for 41 years, and America’s best selling vehicle for 36 years. This should excite anyone that has an interest in promoting electric vehicles and will reach a demographic that has been previously isolated from the EV revolution.

We had a few electrified Fords as work vehicles in the past, I wasn’t expecting much but they were actually pretty well done in my (often critical) opinion. I hope this isn’t just a big show being put on by the major autos prior to lobbying for CAFE standard reductions. Tis the season. To Ford: BEV RAPTOR! DO IT NOW!

You forget that Ford offered the electric Ranger. Some are still running but with new Li-Ion batteries instead of the older Ni-Cad or NMH batteries. Some are sold through eBay Motors.

I almost forgot that there is an electric “Bigfoot” show truck that can crush cars, just like the original “Bigfoot” truck. There is a YouTube video of it. It sounds like a life sized RC truck!

FFS, it’s about time that they announced something. The VW press release cooperation with FORD, is starting to actually bear some real EV fruit!

It only took a day after the FORDvergnügen announcement, to pull this VWabbit out of the press kit hat!

Clearly VW and Ford will now be cooperating generating press releases, and concept vehicles. The electric Ford F-150 will be built in the same factory as the VW Miccrobus EV, 🙂

No, one is unibody and the other body on frame; won’t be in the same factory.

I see what you did, there 😀

Right now it’s Breathing Hard ..But ., It’s Cumming Soon …. r o t f l m a o …Everyone is Promising & no one Delivers !

“We have the F-Series, the world and America’s best-selling truck. More than a million units were sold last year.”


Does anybody know how many of each of these 7 separate F-Series models were sold in the US in 2018?

Someone within Ford knows 😉
I have heard that the F150 is about 600k of the 909k total.

It’s more like 800k F-150 with the base commercial fleet model being the highest volume. High trim are low volume compared with the fleet volume. It is the high volume of fleet that gets the profits going, with the lower volume high trim as gravy. But this only works in NA while the rest of the world buys much lower volume Ranger.

But the new electric pick ups change the game on Ford. All their Bests just got taken away. And celebrating the past won’t help the immediate future. Taurus was…….Fusion was……..Ranger was………Focus was……..Escape was……..they were all leaders at one point, but Ford dropped the ball on all of them and blamed the market

BEV trucks bring a level playing field no matter how long you been in the game.

Good point, but they are bringing the Ranger back (it’s for sale now), and it looks like they did a good job with it. If it was the promised hybrid version, I’d buy it.

Fusion is still the best selling Ford midsized sedan, and third in the U.S. (only the imports sell more because they are “cheaper”). During several months in past years, Fusion Hybrids sold more than Toyota Prius.

Ford does.

The 650 and 750 are not included in the 910k number. Unfortunately I cannot find a breakdown.

And here we heard Ford “wasn’t going to bring an electric truck for another decade”. It took a single working Rivian to made Ford change their mind.
Cheers to Rivian! And upcoming Tesla Pickup Truck for forcing Ford forward into the future.

“It took a single working Rivian to made Ford change their mind.”

No, it took the very recently announced technology-sharing deal between Volkswagen and Ford to change their minds. At least according to recent reports, VW will be sharing some of its EV tech with Ford.

The VW – Ford partnership reminds me of the Sears – Kmart merger…..

There is still a Blue Oval light Special, over on on isle V & W, for the next remaining few minutes!

The BEV truck might well still be a decade or close to it. First 48 v starter motor, generator (“mild hybrid already on FCA trucks), then real hybrid and plug in hybrid….then BEV. BEV will have to wait until the next major redesign unless it is to use a stand alone structure. Just my thoughts and would be great to see it sooner.

Correction, update. Per Car and driver the current F-150 dates to 2015 and a “new” one is coming for the 2021 model year. So maybe, hopefully, sooner rather than later for the EV version.

Yep, new model should be available mid to late 2020, so around 18 months time.

From article Ford President Jim Farley said:
“We’re going to be electrifying the F-Series — battery electric and hybrid.”

Glad to hear but means little until Ford puts down a production date marker along with revealing a production intent concept.

Same goes for Tesla Pickup, or maybe even more so…

We may have already seen the F150 BEV:

That is a Rivian mule, but it is so heavily integrated that I suspect they were trying to convince Ford to use their platform by showing them a real world example.

Rivian has made multiple public statements that they want to share their platform.

If true, an F150 BEV could be on the market as early as late next year.

That would be smart, IMHO; so clearly it won’t happen, IMHO. I’ll cross my fingers and toes in hopes for it, though!

offer and (an) all electric
Maybe VW will make the drivetrain, and LG Chem will supply the batteries.

I was pretty excited about the F-150 back in 2015 when it came out with an aluminum bed and Adaptive Cruise Control but I just couldn’t get past the fossil fuel engine. If a BEV F-150 does come out I will have to take another look. The only thing is I don’t think I can get an F-150 in my garage, maybe I will have to go with a BEV Expedition or BEV Explorer.

The BEV F-150 will be “post lithium-ion”.

Highly doubtful. If so then it won’t be out until at least 2023 imo.

Just think of all that torque…

Don’t believe a word he says. It’s NAAS of course he’s going to media that the F150 one day might go electric

It’s hardly a surprise that Ford is finally considering an EV pickup, altho from the quotes in the article, I don’t think it’s at all clear if what they have under consideration will be a PHEV or a BEV.

The question hasn’t really been “if”, but always “when”. Kodak did finally start making and selling consumer quality digital cameras… but only after it was far too late for them to survive the digital camera revolution.

If Ford is only now starting to make plans for its first PEV (Plug-in EV) pickup… then it may well be too late for them. I’m glad to see the news that they formed a technology-sharing partnership with VW, and that apparently they’ll be getting some PEV tech from VW. But it still may be too little, too late. Ford has been far too obstinate in its refusal to join the EV revolution, and just like Kodak, they may not be able to catch up in time to avoid bankruptcy.

Time will tell.

I disagree.

I could make the case that Ford is way out in front ——- betting very aggressively on autonomy and next gen batteries. (But not necessarily both in the same vehicle)
Youtube: Inside Ford’s Product Development – Autoline This Week 2204

As far as I can tell, Ford was having some leadership problems, kept waffling on their vision. It looks like they’ve made up their mind with new leadership and clear and unequivocal announcements. The Mustang and a redesigned Focus are staying, the rest are going. It’s all SUVs and pickups going forward. At the same time, they said that all of the popular models, from the F-150 to the Escape, Mustang, Explorer, new Ranger, new Bronco, etc., are all going to have hybrid versions in the very near future. The Escape hybrid was very popular with consumers and taxis (I still have my 2010 Mercury Mariner hybrid – love it!).

In short, I believe them. It will happen. However, my (eventual) money is on a Tesla vehicle.

Ford is blowing smoke.

This is to put a positive spin on the fact they’ve got nothing electric while other companies are going to ship electric trucks in the next few years.

So true

GWh class battery factory announcement first or I will ignore any EV announcement.

They aren’t going to do a gigafactory anytime soon— too risky with rapidly evolving battery tech
– Autoline this week 2204

I’d put high odds that any F150EV will be a high end, low volume, very expensive product only. This is so very few can afford one and Ford can continue to say “nobody wants electric trucks”. All the while they will continue to offer the ICE version for less, make more money on it, and laugh all the way to the bank.

Electric vehicles will inevitably be mainstream. The TCO alone will sell them. Near-zero maintenance will make fleets go for it. Ford will die if they don’t make EVs.

A pickup is one case where long distance driving is seldom needed. They will need a big battery for power though.

I can see people with both a Model S and and an F150 in their private fleet going for an electric truck to replace both. Ford better make sure that replacement has a blue oval on it.

Why do you think that? Pickup trucks are usually the vehicle of choice to use for those that have one. Sure, they cost more in fuel, but otherwise the excel in long distance driving – quiet (as quiet as the Model S on the highway), comfortable and spacious.

They are also, quite often, used to tow things long distance.

Both these factors explain why they are about the only vehicle that allow you to option fuel tank size. Except in Canada, where long range tank is standard – allowing 700-800 miles of range.

I’m guessing a starting price of around $60k, going up to around $100k? With a production volume of around 25,000 in 5 years?

That’s Rivians figures, but I doubt the cost will be that much different for an F150 as the batteries are the major cost.

Less to do with trying to claim that no one wants one, more to do with cost of manufacturing. Lets hope Ford can manufacture similar spec vehicles for less however!

Super stoked about this news! I was thinking Rivian would be my next new truck but that has changed, a BEV F150 will kill it! And the PHEV using maybe the 2.7l Eco-boost will have great power figures and very likely a great electric only range. When can I order one?…

I was thinking the same thing. The PHEV would very likely be cheaper than the mid- and top- Rivian models.

Ford has been making pickup trucks the same way for 100 years. You just need a large engine and rugged transmission to make a pickup truck.

Encyclopaedia Brittanica was the source of all knowledge for over 100 years. You just needed to have a leather bound book to store it in – and sell it door to door. That’s just the way it is – until it isn’t.

It is so hard for an established company to turn itself inside out in order to save itself and prepare for the future. If Ford still thinks it will be making gas or diesel engines in 15 years – they are mistaken. If they think there will even be a steering wheel, they are also wrong.

Jim Farley just made the most CANDID statement I’ve heard out of any automotive CEO in years. You used to have to hear Bob Lutz to hear such clarity – but Mr. Farley lays it on the line – In so many words, he states:

” Look – Tesla has the electric market basically all to itself – and now they want to do trucks. F-150 is our best selling product. We have to answer this challenge.”.

Remember GM’s absolute prohibition against electrifying any of THEIR Trucks? How much you wanna bet they’re going to change their minds really fast? All these CEO’s are Monkey see – Monkey Do – and this time since Farley is clearly right, Barra will be forced Kicking and Screaming into doing the same thing. She’ll probably try to make them in the cheapest place the new Mexico-USA-Canada trade agreement will allow her to..

Won’t be Canada, they are closing that plant down. And you are right, won’t take long for an announcement.

Should have done this 10 years ago. Good luck without a supercharging network of 20,000 and growing! Tesla is 11 years ahead of you, Ford! Convert to completely electric NOW! Otherwise, Ford will be gone. And add a supercharging network otherwise who cares what Ford does…?!

Based on Elon’s statement about battery costs, a 150kWh pack would have cost $150,000 TO BUILD ten years ago. No one would have bought a $1/4 milllion pickup.
The time is quickly approaching, but it was defintely not in the past.

Can we stop the BS about charging networks?

Look how many major automobile brands there are in US. Add in all of the startups and those wanting in from China.

How does it not sound stupid to people for each to have their own supercharging network? Rediculous.

– Acura
– Audi
– Bentley
– Buick
– Cadillac
– Chevrolet
– Chrysler
– Dodge
– Fiat
– Ford
– Genesis
– Honda
– Hyundai
– Infiniti
– Jaguar
– Jeep
– Kia
– Land Rover
– Lexus
– Lincoln
– Maserati
– Mazda
– Mercedes-Benz
– Mitsubishi
– Nissan
– Porsche
– Ram
– smart
– Subaru
– Tesla
– Toyota
– Volkswagen
– Volvo

Turn off level 2. Then turn on ccs alone to find out what ford has access to.
Now turn on Tesla and CCS to see what Tesla has access to.

This is why the network is not BS.

The good think about a truck is that there is A LOT of space to put the batteries — so converting a current ICE version into a BEV version will be much easier than a car (like others have done and are doing)

What I find a bit fishy is the hybrid and full EV versions. I don’t think you could a decent full electric that shared much with the hybrid because of the need for the driveshafts. Just look at the Rivian drivetrain for clues.

I am guessing Ford already has the hybrid in the works and the EV will be further down the line because Ford had to assume (pre-Trump) that they would need to meet fleet mileage standards.

“I don’t think you could a decent full electric that shared much with the hybrid because of the need for the driveshafts.”

Or… do a serial hybrid and drive on electric all the time. Like an i3. Or Volt in certain drive modes.

I seriously doubt GM would do a hybrid pickup since they already killed all the car versions, BUT, the CT6 PHEV drivetrain would be excellent for a light truck.

like VIA did, yeah, no driveshaft.

The hybrid F150 was spotted more than a year ago, so they’ll likely continue with it.
Ford said the new Explorer Hybrid would pay back in 8-12 months when used as a Police Cruiser. Different tools for different work.

All about the batteries. Many big claims have fallen short for lack of, and these premium trucks will need like double. And do you commit now or wait for solid state, etc. I think Tesla is forcing a hand they wanted to hold.

The “wait for solid state”, may be a “Bridge Too Far”! Why risk holding out, when the competition is starting to bring on the rEVolution.

At this point, with VWs help, Ford will be lucky to be fashionably late to the EV party.

I like that idea.

Makes sense. Aluminum = less battery than GM.

Ford better start thinking how to produce all the batteries needed. It will cost a lot of money for these battery plants. Just remember how a lot of people were saying how Tesla was burning money while they were building the Giga battery plant in Nevada.

Which is why most manufacturers are signing contracts with battery manufacturers to supply them batteries. Just as they do with other car parts.