Electric Ferrari 308 GTS Up For Auction

JAN 7 2018 BY STAFF 16

Top speed is a claimed 185 mph.

The electrification of our automotive future is quickly approaching, and while some may not like it, EVs are here to stay. But what about cars from yesteryear? What if you wanted something old-school but with newer technology under the hood? May I present you with this custom 1976 Ferrari 308 GTS?

This isn’t your typical classic Ferrari. Gone is the V8. In its place is an entirely electric powertrain of three HPEVS AC-51 motors. There’s 47-kilowatt-hour battery sitting in custom aluminum and carbon fiber boxes. A five-speed manual transmission remains though. Top speed is a claimed 185 miles per hour. The electric motors aren’t slowing down this Ferrari.

Electric Ferrari 308 GTS

This red Ferrari has more work done to it than just an electric conversion. The suspension, using QA1 coilovers, was entirely rebuilt. Other added parts include Giro-disc racing brakes, LED lighting, four front, 18-inch BBS factory wheels from a Ferrari 360, and a Euro-bumper conversion. Restoration work inside consists of a completely redone interior using high-quality black Italian leather throughout along with a custom eclectic speedometer and tachometer.

For having so much work done inside and out, including body and paintwork, this 1976 Ferrari 308 GTS with its targa-top roof looks pretty good. This project seems like it was done with care. The electrification will turn off a whole host of Ferrari purists; however, the electric powertrain could entice some EV aficionados toward this prancing horse.

Electric Ferrari 308 GTS

This electrified 1976 Ferrari 308 GTS will hit the auction block during Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Ariz. with no reserve, which means one could pick up this electric 308 GTS on the cheap. However, it is also being sold on a salvage title and may not sell at all. Granted, the Ferrari LaFerrari has a bit of electrification as well, so maybe the tides are turning.

Source: Barrett-Jackson

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This is the one EV-West converted in 2014 and 2015. Here one video segment about the build:

The problem with all the gas car conversions is always range. It’s tough to put enough battery in them and still maintain the car that was. They end up just being a neat toy to show your friends. In the near future though, when battery density improves and allows more power in smaller packages, I predict there will be a thriving conversion trade going on.

Magnum PI theme song not included.

Yes, I was wondering about range as well.
There are multiple stories about a conversion about a ’78 308GTS converted by a different company in 2016, which has a 28kWh or 30kWh battery, ditto 3 motors, supposedly good for 80-100mi; if this thing can do 140-150mi at 50mph, it’s actually enough to cruise around in and get to classic car meets to horrify the purists (-:

Also, what do they mean by “tachometer”?

Its the very same one.

Thanks! I originally thought it might be — how many converted 308s were there likely to be? — but some of the details were different (model year of the original car, battery kWh, name of company doing the conversion), so concluded wrongly there were two.
Turns out “ElectricGT” is a name used by EVWest, and I guess they decided to upgrade the battery in the past year.

Although we are closely tied to EV West we are not the same. Resto-conversions. This is the same car as with an upgrade to LG’s that are absolutely insane vs the development pack1. Please see Top Gear America Seaon 1 Episode 8 ($1.50 on amazon). Our 2.0 is an extrodinary drive. The Stig drives a mod’d OEM 78 vs the e308 at Speed Vegas. Fun to watch.

I hope you have medical staff available before you open the hood.

Some people will oh and ah.

A lot of people will claim you killed the soul of the car and walk away.

But a small percentage will just drop dead from a heart attack. You must not let them die, you must bring them back and then make them look under the hood again.

Okay, I am a bad bad man.

There’s even some irony here, it wasn’t like the V8 was working or the conversion happened due to it being a cheaper way to get the car running…A fuel leak caused the V8 to catch on fire which totally it and caused so much damage to the car itself it has a salvage title…

Most cars that are caught on fire are never restored…

After the 288 GTO, this one’s the most beautiful car ever made. Now with electric drivetrain..the perfect combination. I’ll just change the wheels though. Could anyone explain me why would they use a 5 speed transmission?


“The massive torque transferring through the transmission engages the driver in a clutch dropping gear pounding Ferrari experience.”

EV-West just makes brilliant conversions, I love this idea taking an old classic car turning it into electric.

It is a D.C. motor, I would have used REMY A.C.

Getting parts and service will be hard. Grabbing a free super charge is impossible. I’ll stay with TESKA.

“what is a tachometer?”
“why would you use a five-speed?”

Yep. We got some real gearheads here Bubba. Next up… fuel injected lug nuts. 🙂