Electric Dragster Boasts 1,000 Volts, 5,000 HP, 17,000 Pound-Feet Of Torque

SEP 18 2017 BY MARK KANE 39

Australian team Top EV Racing seeks to set some 8 world speed records for electric vehicles with a >2.5 MW dragster running at 1,000 V. New Atlas article cites 5,000 hp for its track beast.

Top EV Racing team

The targeted acceleration times are pretty awesome (at 7G) and should translate to better 1/8 and 1/4 times than the Top Fuel dragsters:

  • 0 to 200 km/h (124 mph) in 0.8 sec
  • 0 to 440 km/h (275 mph) in 3.0 sec
  • 0 to 530 km/h (330 mph) in 4.5 sec

Separately there is goal to reach half the speed of sound – > 612 km/h (380 mph).  Says New Atlas:

“An Australian company is working from scratch to build the biggest, baddest electric powertrain ever hooked up to a set of wheels. Top EV Racing is aiming to violently end the dominance of fire-breathing Top Fuel cars at the drag strip, and smash acceleration and landspeed world records to boot.”

We are not sure whether Top EV Racing will be able to deliver, which also apparently still depends on finding sponsors, but it would be bold news.

The team’s website says that the 100 kWh battery pack will be charged by 6 kW solar array at the events.

“Top EV Racing is the brainchild of electronic engineer Michael Fragomeni, a long time drag race enthusiast, who drove a 9-second altered race car at the tender age of 12.

Fragomeni and his team haven’t just had to build a car. Off-the-shelf electric motors, inverters and battery packs simply can’t produce and handle the massive power and discharge rates this task requires. So, using cutting-edge aerospace alloys, additive manufacture and generative design, the team has spent the better part of the last seven years working on the custom powertrain engineering.”

Top EV Racing team

Top EV Racing team

source: Top EV Racing via New Atlas

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I wonder if the pilot will blackout at these acceleration times…it would be sweet (wet) dreams for me.

Maybe they will give it AP? 🙂

Now race drivers will need inflatable trousers.

Brown inflatable trousers even…

The current record is 3.728 seconds @ 329.91mph, so I don’t think this introduces new stresses on the driver (yet)

It’s the 0-200 that I wonder about…

Me, too. That’s 7g average but seeing as the next 2.2 seconds average “only” 3g from 200-440 it’s clear they’re below 7g at 200. Which means they’re ABOVE 7g for part of the 0-200 segment.

I don’t see blackout since blood would be pushed toward the head (opposite of fighter in a tight turn). But still, 8g+ is serious stuff.

Maybe a high g redout though.

That was done 6 years ago on a bike also first EV in the 6s.

6s AND 200MPH with batteries was 6 years ago on a bike with a motor I modified.
Another DC MOTOR is waiting for the correct owner

Most of the excitement for me from the Top Fuel Dragsters is the noise, the smell, the sight of raw fuel and fire from the headers and the violence of the ground shaking. EV dragster takes all that away. 🙁

If you want noise and smell, get some gasoline and rubbing alcohol and turn up the stereo in your car. You get all the excitement without the “hassle” of actually caring about performance.

But you’re not unique in this regard. When I go to the shooting range, some (many?) are there just for the noise and smell, damn the technique and performance (humans and guns). I don’t know why they even bother when they could get all that from fire cracker and someone hitting their hands with a bat.


To the people that haven’t ever been your body literally shakes like you wouldn’t believe as they go by.

I just don’t see an EV, even if it can go just as fast or faster having the same appeal.

Of course you don’t…it would be out of character coming from you.

You mean like an intelligent comment from you? Seriously dude get a life and go troll someone else.

I like you the best!
But hey, don’t take this the wrong way…I said that just because we all know you are really not an ev fan anywa.

Indy banned turbines in the late 60s for exactly that reason, they were to quiet. They certainly did the world no favors by banning turbines, if they hadn’t turbines would have dominated Indy in the early 70s and automakers would have been force to at least look at them. If there had been 50 years of development on automotive turbines what would they be capable of today. At the very least I suspect that they would make great range extenders.

So now every neighborhood can have its own drag strip without the noise.

See is believing. So far, only talk.
Talk is cheap ?

“Big Daddy” Don Garlits is the current (sorry about the pun) electric 4-wheeled dragster record holder. Swamp Rat #37 (for those of us old enough to remember Swamp Rats # 0-36)

7.274 seconds. 185.60 mph


And I have the motor stored in Phoenix that will get him over 200 And into the 6s.

Fossil Fuel is what it’s all based on and I hope it stays that way as long as I’m around.

All this discussion about smooth electric race cars simply defines why battery/electric drive trains are a disruptive technology. Before gas cars there was quiet horse-drawn carts and everyone dodged around road apples…well! internal combustion automobiles disrupted all that quietness and fun shi’dodging. We are going back to the future and frankly, it would be great not to hear and smell other peoples exhaust systems. But, don’t worry, there will be plenty of vintage car racing venues for those strange people who crave sensory contact with obsolete ICEVs.

Jun 12, 2012· Diesel engine fumes can cause lung cancer and belong in the same potentially deadly category as asbestos, … Diesel exhaust fumes cause lung cancer…
Diesel exhaust fumes cause lung cancer, WHO ( World Heath Organization) says | Reuters
I ask here and now: Do jet engines also emit dangerous, carcinogens? And how about “Cold Starts” for all gasoline powered vehicles? Are we being baffled by bulls*** like the cigarette folks did especially about lung damage? Global Warming cannot be more important than this?

Remember when they told us this: (Doctors smoke Camel)
India is drawing up plans to phase out all petrol and diesel cars by 2032, leap-frogging China in an electrification race across Asia.

The comments about the noise and rumble are right on. I can barely get into Formula 1 and Formula E is basically a snooze-fest.

The other day I watched one of the Fully Charged videos showing a class Porsche 911 that had been converted to electric. What I was most impressed with was the fact they had kept the stick shift even though it was unnecessary (i.e. the builder acknowledged he usually just left it in 4th). My wife and I talked about converting my old Firebird into electric (i.e. the ultimate resto mod), but both sort of thought it would take more away from the experience than it added (it’s not all about performance). Sort of sad really…

In putting on EV Fest, I had an exhibitor who showed a 1974 Dodge Dart Swinger ‘eDart’, or ‘Electric Swinger’, as his wife prefers to call it! He loves it! See http://www.evalbum.com for more ev conversions!

It’s amazing how driving an ev changes your perspective. I used to love the engine roar but now i can’t stand it anymore. Yesterday i was accelerating from a light and heard a loud rumble. My wife looked at me and we both looked around to see what the hell is going on. It was a Mustang blowing his pistons just to keep up with us…how pathetic is that?! ICE will be in a museum soon…

There are all those intangibles that you don’t realize are benefits until you drive an EV for awhile.

For example, while our leased i3 certainly isn’t the quickest car on the road I realized that I could regularly use all of the horses without thought due to the lack of racket from a screaming ICE and without worrying about ragging my engine out if I indulged too often. If I really felt like it I could floor it at every light 7 days a week with little penalty.

You could get an ICE with a much much more powerful engine to achieve the same day to day level of acceleration I enjoy without worry of damaging the engine but I don’t have that kind of money.

Man I hope they achieve this. This along with the NIO EP9 and the P100D will certainly quiet the usual “EVs aren’t good at ___” crowd down another notch. Eventually they’ll run out of motorsports to deflect to.

I think it’ll be a while before the Paris-Dakar falls to electric 🙂

Our friend held the record for 20 years. He even did racing against fuel dragsters since there was not any EV racers. http://currenteliminator.net/

I WANT TO SEE TESLA COILS ON THE BACK OF THESE CARS! Why not put on a lightning show?!?

Just. WOW!

I guess I don’t see all the excitement, but that’s just me – although I agree with others that they are near the point of health problems for the driver – even without collisions.

This will obviously only be able to withstand a few seconds at these power levels, lest every subsystem melt from the strain.

But for those who care about breaking existing records, for this reason I suppose it is noteworthy and an engineering accomplishment.

Electric’s much better suited to high power levels than ICE. A very efficient dragster engine would be at most 25%, so for 5kbhp would be putting out about 15kbhp worth of heat. This 5kbhp electric drivetrain will be more like 90% efficient, so will only be dealing with 500bhp or so of waste heat. This is why Top Fuel dragsters need an engine rebuild after every high speed run, and electrics won’t.

90% ? Ha… My ev’s when they are operating electrically are running at roughly 10% efficiency when operating off solar power, and around 24-29% efficiency (ELR 24, BOLT 29) when charging overnight. Although, to the extent that hydropower is purchased during the overnight hours (I have no ideal what Wheeling arrangements National Grid, my utility, has made), the efficiency could be as high as 40%, if the juice is 100% hydro at the time, but it depends on who will let the cheapest juice go at what time, especially since the Robert Moses power project uses alot of their juice to pump water up to a reservoir so that they have enough water to run during peak periods the next day – but then this is a very local issue only in my Locale. Competing Nuclear and Coal power plants might actually underbid hydro during this time – I’m just not privy to this info on a real-time basis. But ‘well to wheels’ efficiency for my plain ev’s never exceeds 40%. Even looking at the ‘last mile’ electrical efficiency, I doubt a drag racer would be anything over around 20% efficient. The biggest thing being generated besides smoke on the… Read more »
Why is it that when we are dealing with EVs, people want to include everything from the energy to mine fossil fuels, to the energy to build a power plant to the energy to convert fuel into electricity, to the energy losses in the power lines, to the losses in charging the vehicle to the efficiency of the motor, but in a car it is only the losses to heat from burning the fuel… none of what it took to make the fuel. Electric vehicles run on average around 90% efficiency in turning their stored electricity into work turning the wheels compared to internal combustion engines running around 23% efficiency turning their liquid fuel into turning the wheels. In a drag motor, the EV can be still running well up in the 80% range unless the cables are too small, the battery can’t efficiently dump their energy. If you have a quality battery pack designed for the application (and the bigger the better in most cases), the C rating will be small enough to not make significant heat. If the controllers and cabling are done correctly, you won’t have significant unwanted voltage drops or back EMF. Same goes for matching… Read more »

I’m thinking ion drive aircraft. Just how fast could an aircraft go chucking hydrogen ions out the back. I know we can’t do it yet but its coming! It would probably be autonomous or remote controlled the g’s would probably kill a pilot!

when will they be attempting these records?