Electric Delivery Van DELIVER Presentation (w/video)

JUN 28 2014 BY MARK KANE 2

DELIVER Electric Van

DELIVER Electric Van

Concept electric delivery vehicle DELIVER, presented in detail in May 2014, earlier this month had its public debut at the FISITA World Automotive Congress in Maastricht (NL).

It’s just a demonstrator of a highly efficient car, which probably will not see production, but some solutions might.

Here is the latest video from DELIVER Consortium on the project:

“The DELIVER project objective was to conceive, design and build a driving demonstrator of a 700 kg payload electric delivery vehicle for city use. The “next generation” design demonstrates an improvement in efficiency of over 40 % over current state of the art vehicles and innovations for the delivery vehicle duty cycle.”

“See how the DELIVER demonstrator was designed, built-up and tested in our short movie. More information is available on deliver-project.org.”

DELIVER Summary from DELIVER Consortium on Vimeo.

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I thought the Nissan Leaf had a bad case if “Carp Mouth”, but jeeze…

mike w

yes its looks are “distinctive”.