Price/Range Comparison: Electric Vehicles Available In U.S. Now Or Soon

SEP 18 2018 BY MARK KANE 19

The offer of pure battery electric vehicles is now broader than ever.

As some probably noticed, we updated our Compare EVs card earlier this month. There are now over 20 models available on the market (including some coming within months), at least if you live in California. Other states often need to wait for new BEV models till manufacturers decide to sell them nationwide. In some cases, nationwide availability is not offered.

The offer is now more diverse from small short-range cars to decent car models with a range of over 300 miles. When the new Hyundai Kona Electric enters the market, the abyss between Teslas and rest of the market will become more and more blurred.

BEVs Price/Range Comparison – some models estimated

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2011-2018 inclusive: ~20 models, many of which not available nationwide.

2019-2025 should see the introduction of well over 100 new models – with more each passing year, not a linear progression.

I’m looking forward to it.

Available today? Tesla Model 3 standard?

Whoopsie. Adjusted title a bit. Thanks for catching that.

Why are we referring to the eGolf as available in US?

Well, the car does appear on InsideEVs’ Monthly Plug-in Sales Scorecard charts. Admittedly a car which sold only 32 units in the U.S. last month, and 18 units the month before, isn’t very “available”…

Kia niro needs to be added

As a Niro fan, I’d agree, but I don’t think it’ll be available soon, plus the final range number isn’t in.

It was in another article yesterday and was rated at 301 miles under European rating.

Tesla Model 3 Standard ($28,700) SMH…by the time this version is available there is nooo way that will be the price…

More generally, I think it’s just wrong to subtract out the maximum Federal tax rebate from the prices on the chart. Not everyone will qualify for all of that, and some won’t qualify for even part of it.

If the Tesla Model 3 standard is in, the Kia Niro should certainly be.

Jaguar iPace ?
Audi e-Tron ?
Both will likely be available before we see a ‘standard’ model 3.

These cost x2… but yes, i did not see that coming either.

And also…

Mercedes EQC
Kia Niro
Kia Soul 2019 (new version w next-gen battery *)
Nissan Leaf 2019 w 60kWh option
BMW i3 with range update (2019, 120ah)


If the Model3 is listed (even with full $7.5k tac credita, which it will NOT get in 2019!) all these cars should be listed as well!

Otherwise this list is very Tesla-biased.


Price/Range comparison viewed as $/mile range puts the Bolt on top, with the (not yet available) Model 3 STD close behind.

You can see why the Tesla Model 3 is a smash success. There is a monster hole in the list for an affordable long-range >100KW-fast-charging EV that the Model 3 is filling. The Bolt is close but the 54KW Max DC fast-charging rate just really hurts it, IMHO. With this still largely early adopter market where the people are knowledgeable, such issues hurt.

If KIA can price the Niro in that market, it may be a big success. Other than that, Tesla really has that market all to themselves. And it currently makes up nearly half of all plug-ins being sold. EVs are finally finding a broader market.

It’s very unlikely the Model 3 Standard Range will get a $7,500 tax credit. If it does, it won’t be many units and likely only those that reserved on day 1. It may not eve see a $3,750 credit.

The Focus Electric is gone from the market now. The factory closed for retooling in May 2018. I *think* there are no new 2017 or 2018 models for sale in the US at least. However, for those who were paying attention the “close out” FFE was available for massive discounts – 115 EPA range, liquid cooled/heated battery, CCS fast charge, new car warranty and full tax credit for less than the cost of a decent used Leaf!

We should do an image of all the cars on that list not available outside of CARB states. You will quickly realize we are nowhere near even started yet! 🙁