Electric Cars Do Stunts Too – Video


Electric cars can drift, perform risky maneuvers and get up on two wheels too.

Here’s your proof.

And no, not every story on plug-ins has to be serious, sometimes its good to just kick back and enjoy something…uh, different.

Video description:

A stunt show featuring purely electric cars thrilled spectators on Sunday (June 18) around China’s largest lake.

Six different types of electric cars performed various risky maneuvers including drifting, reversing tricks and driving on just two wheels.

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jim stack

try riding on 2 wheels in a Corvair or VW beetle. Their suspension folds up under the car. quote=The first-generation Corvair featured a rear engine + swing axle design similar to that of the Renault Dauphine and Volkswagen Beetle. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevrolet_Corvair