New Electric Cars To Protect 12th Century Angkor Wat – Video

JUL 23 2015 BY JAY COLE 8

Like most ancient structures today, Angkor Wat – a 12th century temple in Cambodia, draws more and more tourists each year as the wealth effect enables more people to take in the “City of Temples”.

Bollare Has Even Been Given A Plot Of Land Nearby To Rent Their EVs

Bollare Has Even Been Given A Plot Of Land Nearby To Rent Their EVs

And just like the Colosseum in the center of Rome, the ancient complex really doesn’t appreciate the visitors, especially if those visitors are doing things like driving cars.

For the Colosseum, its vibrations and destruction via exhaust fumes.  At Angkor Wat,  you can add acid rain to the list of internal combustion engine grievances.

Enter Blue Solutions, and its parent-mothership from France – Bolloré, who now is operating under a 6-month trial contract to rent out all-electric cars to tourists at the 400 square-kilometre UNESCO World Heritage Site for $80 per day.

Blue Solutions stresses that not only are its BEVs clean (20% of the power is acquired internally from a nearby 400 kW solar farm installed by Bolloré), but the silent operation enhances the experience for guests.

Naturally, the local Tok Tok drivers are none too thrilled with the development – fearing they will be forced out, touting the merits of a “free market” over the preservation of Angkor Wat.

Tourism of the temple has grown from about 8,000 visitors twenty years ago, to more than half a million in 2004, a million in 2007, and north of 2 million since 2012.

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Psst… There’s already a Brian, Jay. Everyone’s gonna think it’s him. lol

Maybe the local government could provide some grants for electric TokTok, as many would likely prefer to look not drive.


E-Toktoks should be much easier to pull off than passenger-car EVs.

And $80/day rental! That’s probably 3 times the monthly salary in Cambodia.

Talk about imposing First-World solutions on Third-World problems

But then you would have to call them Whir-Whirs.


They can have it as an optional electronic sound, I guess.

Like retro phone rings…

That would be good. Those Tuk-Tuks tend to be horribly polluting.

Electric 3-wheeled cabs are already in prototype for the Philippines. From multiple startups.