Electric Car Market Share In France Reaches New Record

DEC 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 23

2% of new passenger cars in France were electric in November

November 2018 was the second-best month for plug-in electric car sales in France. In total, some 5,667 new plug-in cars were registered, which is 65% more than a year ago.

Because all-electric passenger car sales more than doubled to 3,541, France achieved an all-time record of 2.06%. Including plug-in hybrids, it was over 2.8%.

  • Passenger BEVs: 3,541 registrations (up 112%) at 2.1% market share
  • Passenger PHEVs: 1,299 registrations (up 3%) at 0.8% market share
  • Light commercial BEVs: 827 registrations (up 68%)
  • Total: 5,667

Plug-in car sales in France – November 2018

November brings a significant increase of Renault ZOE sales by 144% year-over-year to 1,895, which represents 53% of all passenger BEVs and 1/5 (20.8%) of Renault Clio result (new record).

Also, the new Nissan LEAF did well in France, with 420 new registrations in November (up 244% year-over-year).

The other models above 300 were Renault Kangoo Z.E. (334) and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (320).

Nothing else catches our attention as the Jaguar I-PACE and Hyundai Kona Electric had just 26 and 22 registrations, respectively.

Source: L’Avere-France

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Meanwhile, the working class has taken to the streets in revolt against causes of the environment as being too expensive. This is the used car buying market that can’t afford a new EV and doesn’t want something unproven because they need to get to work on time and their mis-perception is that EVs are somehow less reliable.

Then ride your bicycle or walk, but don’t start riots and destroying other peoples property and endangering lives you S.H.

That statement is wrong the reason why a lot of poor people live in rural areas near cities is it’s the cost of housing and rents. A example is a house will cost $150,000 40 miles away from the jobs but the same house will cost $560,000 ten miles away.

A bike simply wouldn’t work in my case.

I regularly know a lot of people who have to commute as much as 60 or more miles away one way.

My biggest fear stopping me from going out and buying a used EV is the used ones only have 50 miles range on them and I could possibly get a new job that might require me to drive 40 miles one way so I wouldn’t risk a EV.

There are lot of populism, extreme right, anti europeanism, and anti-system, behind the revolt. Is not so easy. French goverment rises taxes and part of the income sould go to finance the energy transition, but people prefers keep giving its money to petrol producers. Ridiculous.

I wish there was an article that gave the cost difference of driving an ICE versus an EV in various European cities so we can see how much savings are between the two. With gasoline at $1.48 a EURO and whatever a kwh of electricity costs over 15,000 miles.

You last sentence didn’t make sense.
With gasoline at $1.48 a EURO and whatever a kwh of electricity costs over 15,000 miles.

I bought some Petrol in the UK today at £1.14/litre (although you can pay £1.30++/litre less than 30 miles away) and charged my PHEV at £0.15/kW.
Obviously, the costs in France are different but it would be nice to know what you really meant.

Well I’m not from Europe but I read an article that said in Paris a liter of gasoline cost 1.48 euro’s. I don’t know the cost of a kwh of electricity in Europe but I was wondering on an annual basis if you drive an ICE or EV for say 15,000 miles what would the energy cost difference would be for the ICE versus the EV,
Just trying to compare the prices of comparable ICE versus EV’s fuel costs over say 15,000 in a year.

15’000 miles are roughly 24140,16 kilometers. at let’s say 7 liter per 100 km (that’s how we calculate it in Europe) you need 1’698 liter per year. at a price of 1.48 (which is too cheap, in France they pay uo to 2 Euro per liter) you have to pay 2’513 EUR for gas per year (which is 2.853,44 US-Dollar)

24140 kilometers you can drive with a Model 3 with (worst case) 3862.4kWh which will cost approx. 579.36 Euro which is roughly 657,85 US-Dollar

in that example an electric car would save you 2195.59 US Dollar a year

but the calculus is conservative, in reality you would pay more for the gas and you would have maybe a lower electric consumption

Thanks for the estimate as expensive as gasoline is in Europe going electric really makes sense.

I’ve tried to make the case for a Leaf recently. I don’t drive too many miles per year – 13000km/8000 miles. The leaf wasn’t there yet, also I make some long trips and not so much distance around city where leaf shines.
An EV probably only makes sense if it’s charged mostly at night with reduced electricity prices – below €0.15/kWh. Prices in normal hours should be well above €0.2 for most countries.
Obviously some countries with different prices or different incentives are different cases.

Is electricity 15ct/kWh in france as you calculated? That would be half price like in germany. geez…


I am french. Gas price is 1.4€/liter. Electricity is 0.15€/kWh during day and 0.13€/kWh during night.

I hope it will give some “fuel” to your calculations 😉

The numers are bananas!
I’m in EU now on work assignment and went to the E border for a couple days. In talking to the locals about evs i can say the ignorance is staggering! Did you know they are dirtier than diesels and you have to change the battery every 5 years? I asked for an electric bill to do some math…it did not look good for ICE. I comes out to being 14 times more expensive to run the diesel Golf than the eGolf. Yeiks!!! Charging is a real hige problem for sure. Not much suburbia here.

Gasoline at 1,48 but we can see the OPEP, Rusia and others, trying to rise the price.

The French riots give everyone a good idea of how people will react to rapid increases in gas taxes. And yet increasing the gas tax is still pretty popular on this site. Go figure.

The French people are better than this shameful act.

I personally think these riots are going to be tame compared to what I think is coming around the corner in the war between the haves and the havenots.

Currently I don’t see a high wage economy with jobs that barely pay above $12 dollars a hour while at the same time the costs of housing is skyrocketing and the prospect of losing jobs to automation and outsourcing.

Personally I could see how being hit with a carbon tax on gas would upset me while I’m trying to see what life is like about $12 dollars a hour while I see someone driving around in a $85,000 dollar electric car trying to tell me that I don’t pay enough in taxes due me driving a gas powered car.

What you didn’t like Trump’s tax plan. The one he said was gonna cost him a lot of money. Eliminate the estate tax and give the US close to a trillion dollar budget deficit in 2019.
He even told his advisor’s he isn’t worried about the deficit said he’ll be out of office before it reaches critical mass.
Just like Cheney said when he was VP deceits don’t matter, He left out the part when the GOP is in charge.

Rioting is a specialty of France. Anyone remember the Disney riots? How about the rather regular flipping over and torching of vehicles…not just during riot season. The average weekend in Paris involves riots it seems.
New Year’s


Just do a google some time. It’s all..the…..time. The second link has the phrase “The main burning season is in July and August” Do other countries have a burning season? Oh and get this. The 1000 on New Years? Apparently trending down. Check this quote out: “Nevertheless stats released last year by France’s official crime data agency ONDRP reveal that the number of cars burned each year has fallen by 20 percent since 2010.”

Maybe it’s the rioters insuring there vehicles before the New Year and then setting them on fire so they can get a new one. To bad it’s illegal to burn the balls off of rioters caught setting fires.

Personally I think EV sales are going to rise as more and more better generations of EV’s hit the road and filter there way though the used and new car markets.

The idea of selling EV’s with a 60 mile range is a joke but nif you take the same EV and make it a 250 mile range EV then the fun begins specifically in the land of high gas prices.

The only place I would try a low range EV would be Iceland were gas is 8 dollars a gallon.

I once ended up spending far more on gas then on the car rental in Iceland.

The main attraction of electric cars in France is that dem critters burn good when it is time to riot, which looks great on TV …