Electric Cars Capture Top 2 Spots On CNET’s Top 5 Cars Of 2015 (Video)


We we’re pleasantly surprised to see plug-in electric cars capture the top two spots on CNET’s Top 5 Cars of 2015.

Both vehicles are deserving of their rank. The Tesla Model S P85D redefines the electric car segment due to its sheer power and speed, while the i3 makes its mark by being the world’s most efficient electric car and perhaps the most exotic electric car out there today with its use of carbon fiber, available REx and more.

Tesla Model S P85D

Tesla Model S P85D

BMW i3

BMW i3

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14 responses to "Electric Cars Capture Top 2 Spots On CNET’s Top 5 Cars Of 2015 (Video)"
  1. Mike777 says:

    Kind of like owning a BMW in the 80’s.

    Or, kind of like seeing all the smart rich people around.

    1. Nonda Trimis says:


  2. David Stone says:

    EV religion???

    EV greatness is fact, as proven by Tesla, Rimac and a few others, not blind belief based on myth and wishful thinking.

    1. Anon says:

      Some people don’t understand the difference between a verified fact, and a personal opinion. *shrugs*

  3. David Murray says:

    Nice job Tesla and BMW!

  4. EVer says:

    i3 “Exotic”?


    1. Speculawyer says:

      Well . . . that is better than ‘polarizing’. (Or ‘ugly’).

  5. Chris Sherman says:

    This guy is smarminess incarnate. The smugness oozes out his pores.
    Not even any redeeming wit to choke it down with.

  6. Martin says:

    Well done BMW and Tesla! This helps the whole EV industry to have EVs held is high regard like this.

  7. Jouni Valkonen says:

    And what were the rest of the three cars that were in the top 5?

    Who really cares!

  8. Roberto says:

    Who the hell said that the i3 is the most efficient electric car ????
    Both the leaf and the Zoe do much better range while at the same time being bigger more practical AND waaaay cheaper.

    Who allows these morons to misinform people like this?????

    1. Jeff Songster says:

      Agreed… while the BMW is an interesting vehicle with its plastic body, apparently the kings of power and acceleration at CNET decided to ignore its major REX flaws. The REX is too weak to move the car at speed on hills. It makes it hazardous.
      The LEAF or Zoe… or eGolf or iMiev would have been better choices. The LEAF simply based on popularizing what Tesla made sexy, powerful electric supercars, if not for innovations and sales alone. The heat pump AC and efficiency of the LEAF are great and getting better. The 2016 should be doing 100+ miles EPA rated… but alas… whatever…

      1. G.Likong says:

        Well, sorry to inform you the REX i3 doesn’t drive the car, never was intended to, is not a Volt the motor is just a back up generator to extend the range. I own a i3 Rex and have had it since November 2014. I live in Hawaii where this car has been optimal since small island anyways for my situation it has been a dream, i get between 80-150 miles. The gas generator has only come on 4 times once since we had driven all around the island with family visiting, and the other three to do routine maintenance due to inactivity of the gas motor. We have yet to put gas in the thing.

        I can leave my house to go 12 Miles up the road to the next town to shop and say start off with an 80 mile range and by the time I get to the town it says I have 84 miles, and when I return it says I have 80 miles, but my trip odometer says I have gone 12.6 miles on the trip. So this is a testimony to the range efficiency.

        Also to those that say a leaf is more efficient, maybe on paper but Most of the one’s I see are always hogging the chargers when I get into Honolulu. but I can use most of the public chargers for free and only charge at home say 3-4 days just to top off with the least being 2 days/week.

        So my real world experience I think trumps your EV fallacy quotes. I rather like the way the i3 looks she is way quicker than the Toad looking Nissan Leaf. and when I include the gas range I would say it is almost near the 200 mile range if driven judiciously.

        Going over the Pali Mountain to the windward side was interesting I didn’t have any slowing down, but the range dropped drasticallly from the bottom of the mountain, but I a made up for the loss on the way down to to the regenerative nature of the i3 so by the time I got down the hill it was at the same miles I left less 3 miles traveled. So definitely a different experience. But to have my Electric bill only go up say 5-$20 dollars per month. Way less than my old Gas bill for my Gasoline powered car before.

        I will guarantee never to go back to Gas power, and now I know I can live without the security blanket, when the nexgen cars get 200* range at least in Hawaii this will be the next step. Go Green, Be free from the gas lines etc.

        Money well spent. oh BTW it is a blast to drive to.

  9. Jeff Songster says:

    It is also clear that the CNET folks have some Chevy, BMW and Audi ads running or something… the whole video feels like clickbait. The Chevy TRAX… really? The modern version of the Pontiac Aztek?… All the other cars from either Audi or Bimmer. Love to see Brian Cooley run the battery out and test the i3 on Mt Tam or Diablo… see how smug he feels then about his range extender.