Electric Cars A Bit Boring? – Video


Plug-In Cars Available In UK

Plug-In Cars Available In UK

Go Ultra Low, backed by several carmakers, released a humorous video on electric cars, which sometimes are described as a bitboring“.

The main goal of the campaign is of course to raise awareness of ultra-low emission vehicles, and to encourage British motorists to consider one when choosing their next car.

“Electric cars – they’re a bit boring, aren’t they?

Why would anyone want one of those plug-in things? Meet the dad who’s about to learn that whoever you are, there’s an electric car for you. *Watch* the video to find out what makes these seven ultra low emission vehicles so desirable, practical and fun to drive.

Find out more at www.goultralow.com.”

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15 responses to "Electric Cars A Bit Boring? – Video"
  1. Will says:

    The ending was lol

    1. Doug B says:


  2. Driverguy01 says:

    Yeah, it was porn to us anyway! lol

  3. Cavaron says:

    Like it!

  4. AndPilot says:

    Nice one, but where is Tesla?

    1. Joshua Burstyn says:

      They didn’t buy into the commercial, unfortuantely. They could’ve been showcased in each scenario, too. A shame Tesla didn’t get in on the action, really.

    2. David Murray says:

      i asked the same question.

      1. Jim_NJ says:

        The absence of Tesla really made the video ring untrue to me. Today’s teenagers know about Tesla. They couldn’t care less about a Prius Plug-In, or any of the other cars in shown. With the possible exception of the BMW i8.

  5. Anon says:

    Eurocentric. No North American EV’s shown. Too bad. 😛

    Um, did someone over in the UK __JUST__ discover Skrillex or something?

    1. Someone out there says:

      From the ‘About’ section:
      “Go Ultra Low is a ground-breaking campaign supported by the UK automotive industry and Government”

      1. Anon says:

        Since when did Mitsubishi or Nissan become British?

  6. ModernMarvelFan says:

    4 out of the 7 models listed there are PHEV…

    So, we need all forms of PEV, not just BEVs today…

    1. Anon says:

      PHEVs just make it harder for the larger customer base go cold turkey, and finally stop suckin’ down oil and burning it; once and for all.

      The best way to stop using oil for fuel, is to STOP using oil for fuel. BEVS are the single best way to accomplish this. 😛

      1. ModernMarvelFan says:

        Maybe some customers don’t want to go cold turkey.

        So, maybe it is better that we will take the signicantly reduction today than wait for another couple decades…

        Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good…

        Don’t let BEV be the enemy of PEV adoption…

  7. Anon says:

    I used to draw sports cars when I was a kid. But then I became bored of cars when I started driving them. Now, I’m reading articles about cars because they’re electric. EVs have made cars interesting again.