Electric Car To Compete At Pikes Peak (VIDEO)

JUL 5 2012 BY MIKE


Although this year’s Pikes Peak rally has been delayed due to the drastic fires throughout central Colorado, there will be a fully electric car to participate in the 14.2 mile hill climb. Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima, a multi-winner of the prized hill climb event will pilot an EV to the finish line.


Not much information has been released about the E-RUNNER by Monster Sport, but according to this months issue of Road and Track, the EV will¬†supposedly¬†have at least two motors, one front and one rear, powered by lithium batteries (take a look at the video and notice that the dyno is only on the rear wheels). Since the lack of combustion in an electric engine doesn’t rely on a mixture of fuel, spark, and air, the high altitude should not have any affect on the EV compared to fuel powered vehicles that typically compete in this event.


Take a look at the E-RUNNER build and test video below and watch the Pikes Peak Hill Climb on August 12! Go EV!!!



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