Half Of Electric Car Sales In Western Europe Are In Lower-Medium Segment

AUG 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 15

Half of BEVs sales in Europe belongs to lower-medium segment

When breaking down sales of all-electric cars in Western Europe (first half of 2018), it turns out that about every second BEV is in the lower-medium segment, which includes vehicles like the Nissan LEAF, Volkswagen e-Golf or BMW i3 (those three take over 40% of the total).

Electric smart and Renault ZOE take the lead in basic and small car segments, while Tesla Model S and Model X are on top of premium/luxury and SUV/crossover segments. Nissan e-NV200 is the most popular utility model.

Soon the situation will change because there is a growing number of hot SUV/crossovers, and the Tesla Model 3 will surely spark sales in Europe too.

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Weird segmentation. The E NV-200 is a small van.

I think the model X will suffer in Europe within the next 18 months. The Jaguar I-Pace is here. The Audi E-tron (stupid name) and Mercedes EQC will be presented within a month with bookings available approximately at the same time.

The etron quattro will certainly receive an actual name on the 17th next month just like the Mission E became the Taycan.

Maybe but the hybrid versions of the Audi petrol cars are called E-tron.

But they carry the Audi model tag first. So this one might end up being the Q6 etron or something like it.

Probably not much. Even if it sells well, Jaguar can’t produce many of them.

Yes but within 18 months there will be 3 competitors on the road (1 being already here) and more adapted to the preferences of the Europeans. Plus the bookings opened this year for the last 2.

The annual production of these 3 cars, although low, will be higher than the annual European sells of the Model X (46 500 sold worldwide in 2017).

In H1 Tesla was the only entry in the premium and luxury segment so who were they on top on?

If you consider the segmentation of the European market you probably should move the i3 into the luxury sector. It might be a smaller car but in terms of refinement and asking price it clearly is a premium product.

It made me think that if Chademo had been faster, there may already have been an Infinity to compete against Tesla.

In other words, there are few cars to choose from, and no competition.
2019-2025 can not come fast enough.

Good. I want EV sales to be wide…not just toys for the rich.

This is kind of meaningless without a breakdown of the overall car market in Europe. Just based on personal experience, I’d say SUVs are not that popular over there. The lower medium group might very well reflect the most popular segment of cars. The VW Golf is a huge seller over there.

Spot on. I don’t think any European who drives a Golf or Leaf has a sense of ‘lowerness’, or inferiority. The Golf and Leaf fit European roads and European needs.

Many of us don’t aspire to a halo car like a Tesla or a Jag. Cars like those were supposed to lead to the democratisation of the electric car market – well, the figures above suggest that Europe is already nearly there.

Currently small cross-over is all the rage. Nissan Quashqai (Rogue Sports in US) type and size cars. More inefficiënt than the traditional hatchback because of the height, but that height also means easy getting in and out. So, if production was unlimited, Kona for the win.

But small hatchback (VW Polo and Renault Clio) and station wagons are also very popular.

That’s one of the main reasons I got a compact cross-over (Niro hybrid) is for the ease of getting in & out, I’m getting a bit long in the tooth & getting out of a normal low seated position car was getting difficult because of a back injury. A full size SUV was way to big for my needs.