Electric Car Sales Rise Again In UK – June 2014

JUL 10 2014 BY MARK KANE 7

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Plug-in car registrations surged in the UK last month to the second highest level ever.

As plug-in hybrid numbers have been relatively stable for last three months (170 in June), the bulk of growth comes from all-electric car sales.

AS of time of press, we are not precisely sure where the growth comes from, but it’s likely caused by some volume deliveries of right hand drive Tesla Model S, long awaited in the UK.  (We’ll update when data is in hand)

With 661 new EVs, we see improvement of 246% vs. June 2013.

In total, 831 plug-ins translates to approximately 200% of growth year over year.

The 2014 YTD number already exceeds the level of 3,500 set for the whole 2013, so maybe UK will end up crossing 10,000 plug-in electric cars sold in 2014.

June 2014 – EV registrations in UK (SMMT)

June 2014 – EV registrations in UK (SMMT)

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Ocean Railroader

It’s amazing how whole US Cities can outsell EV’s compared to whole countries. I mean these sales are nothing compared to Huston.

Rodrigo Henriques Negreiros Magalhaes

of course, look at the size of the USA land and population compared with the size of UK in the world map… In terms of size and people you can only compare USA with Russia, China and Brazil. We can include India because despite it hasn’t the same area, it has more people…


Huston has a population of 5 million, London has a population of 12.5 million so I think the comparison is fair.

The big difference in the UK is if you live in London or work in London you take the train or bus with you only really using the car for the longer journey. A lot of people also don’t have off street parking.

The other thing is there seems to be little to no effort on the part of the car manufacturers to “sell” plugin cars in the UK. My father lives in the UK and 6-12 months ago he struggled to even get a test drive. I hope that is changing.

Micke Larsson

So one fifth or one sixth of all EV’s sold in the US are sold in Houston?

Suprise Cat

For the UK ppl I can recommend to have a look at Ian Sampson’s channel



Good points. just-chris and anonymous.
The car culture is much more ingrained in the US where everyone must have one, in some places more than one, and maybe a truck, just to get around.
Mass transit is also archaic in the US compared to other EU mass transit sytems, so it just makes sense that the adoption of ev’s will just proceed more slowly in the UK than here in the US. More of series of ever rising swells as opposed to the coming tidal wave of ev adoption. Hopefully.

Neil Dunn

This is encouraging stuff. Living in North London I have not seen a Model S yet, but I have started to see one or two of the other plug ins most days. On Store Street (in central London) it is now possible to see a car charging at a Source London spot, right in front of a hamburger restaurant that used to be a petrol station:)
Just Chris is quite right about parking here. A chap in my building has a Leaf in the underground car park, but that parking space will be costing him £200 a month, and he has his own electricity meter for the car.