Electric Car Sales In UK Up Almost 500% In February

3 years ago by Mark Kane 6

Plug-in Car Registrations in UK – February 2015

Plug-in Car Registrations in UK – February 2015

Mitsubishi Outlander GX5 PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander GX5 PHEV

February was the 36th consecutive month of car sales growth in UK – registrations went up by 12% year-over-year to 76,958.

The numbers themselves are low as February is one of the slowest sales months of the year ahead of a number plate change in March.

Despite this, electric cars grew like crazy by 497% year-over-year to 728 new registrations. Market share was 0.95%.

There were 216 BEVs (up 167%) and 512 PHEVs (up 1,066.7%).

As previously mentioned, February is a slow month, so now we look forward to what we hope to be a record-setting March. 5,000? Maybe 7,000?  We’ll find out soon enough.

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6 responses to "Electric Car Sales In UK Up Almost 500% In February"

  1. przemo_li says:

    Its not crazy growth.

    Its crazy reporter who fail at statistics.

    Small number == big %

    Big numbers == small %

    That is that. When sales go out into thousands then one can claim that sales go up or down. With 800?

    Ship just got to the port…

    (Still, fingers crossed for good next month!)

    1. Lensman says:

      Sadly, that’s true. The UK is now experiencing the same amazingly high annual percentage growth in plug-in EV sales that the U.S. experienced 3-4 years ago. Unfortunately that’s just an indication that previously sales were extremely low, it’s not an indication that PEV sales have actually entered a lasting exponential growth phase.

      Still it -is- good news to see PEV sales in the UK finally showing numbers worth talking about.

      1. Assaf says:

        Actually, not.

        The UK’s plug-in market share is now already higher than the US.

        So it’s more like the US would jump in one year, from 2012 straight to better than what 2015 has been so far.

        What you refer to, is the increase in the US from 2011 (~0.2% market share) to 2012 (~0.5% market share). But in the UK now they are seeing an even greater jump, and straight to ~1%. The higher you jump in terms of market share, the harder and more impressive that jump is.

  2. PVH says:

    Indeed, I was about to say… Nevertheless encouraging.

  3. Just_Chris says:

    Are about 50% of those sales Outlander PHEV’s? if that’s the case then Rome is well and truly on fire as Mistsu is about as popular as the plague in the UK so taking 0.5% of the market would be big.

  4. stupid says:

    March is the real BIG month in UK (with September). Feb is a very little month for car sales.
    So let’s wait a few days to see the real picture.

    But indeed, the EV UK market is booming. It may be bigger than the German one soon.