All-Electric Car Sales In France Doubled In February

MAR 27 2015 BY MARK KANE 4

Renault ZOE In France Pushes Overall Worldwide EVs Sold Ever Closer to 1 Million

Renault ZOE

February was yet another good month for all-electric car sales in France. The market doubled to 1,397 new registrations and 0.7% market share. In February of the previous year, sales were just 706.

Most of the growth comes from passenger cars – 1,084, an improvement of 164%. Light delivery vehicles with 313 registrations grew just 6%.

Together with 226 plug-in hybrids, the total number  of plug-in electric cars sold in France in February was 1,623. PHEVs are growing strong approximately six times the 34 units sold in February 2014.

Two thirds of the all-electric passenger cars sold were Renault ZOE (see list below).

BMW i3, besides 19 all-electric versions, logged 50 REx sales too.

BEV Registrations in France in February 2015 (source: Avere-France / AAA data)

BEV Registrations in France in February 2015 (source: Avere-France / AAA data)

734 Renault ZOE (up 258%)  translates to #66 and 0.4% of market share in France after two months of this year.

If we compare ZOE results to Clio (most popular car in France), we get 9% (on average almost one ZOE sold for every 10 Clios). ZOE stands at 2.5% of all passenger car sales in France for the Renault brand.

Renault ZOE Registrations in France – February 2015

Renault ZOE Registrations in France – February 2015

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they were served the “clean diesel” B.S. some years ago. They got the worst smogs ever, and now they turn around.
Wake up people! Don’t give in for the “new cleaner diesel” B.S.
It is always only to sell more fossil poisons.

Even the ethanol’s purposes are to greenwash gas mix and to stretch the domination of the internal combustion engine.

Gasoline mix…

I wonder if the recent inconvenience of the Government rule that forced half of all cars off the road caused people to buy an EV this month? Maybe just what’s needed to spur EV adoption is a little “no cost” inconvenience.


I bought an ev as soon as I could because both my boys are asthmatic, I am sure high pollution days really focus the minds of normal people with vulnerable family. I’d like to think people are starting to join the dots and make purchasing choices on moral grounds but you are probably right about convenience playing a big part.