Electric Car Registrations Up 44% In UK


There are 44 percent more EVs on UK roads than three years ago.

Electric cars are continuing to enjoy increased popularity year on year, and according to recent statistics there are now 44 percent more electric cars on the roads compared with three years ago.

Up And Away – Record-Setting 9,000-Plus Plug-In Electric Cars Sold In UK In March

According to information released by automotive data experts Cap HPI, in April 2018 there were 21,019 more electric vehicles registered on to drive on UK roads compared with the same period in 2015. That number includes all electric vehicles – which means there are some commercial vans in the mix as well as cars – and it doesn’t account for vehicles that have been scrapped or exported.

There are still a relatively small number of the alternatively propelled cars on UK roads – the number currently sits at 37,483, not much more than the total number of vehicles sold in the UK by Mercedes in March 2018 alone. There are around 26 million cars registered in the UK in total.

‘Drivers are showing growing confidence in the technology as the real-life ranges of vehicles increase and faster charging is available,’ said Chris Plumb, electric vehicles expert at Cap HPI. ‘Manufacturers also provide more choice with many now providing an all-electric option.’

‘Electric vehicles can also make financial sense with total cost of ownership and tax savings,’ he added. ‘Increasingly, people are saying they enjoy the driving experience in electric vehicles. As clean air zones roll out across the UK, we expect the popularity of these cars to continue to grow.’

The Nissan Leaf is currently the most popular electric vehicle in the UK. It’s also the world’s number one ranked EV and maintains its first position spot in the UK ahead of the slightly fancier BMW i3, the Volkswagen e-Golf and the Renault Zoe.

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7 Comments on "Electric Car Registrations Up 44% In UK"

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amazingly slow progress…..

So, now I can’t tell if you are talking about real EVs (ie vehicles without an exhaust pipe) or ‘electrified vehicles’ ie including plug-in hybrids. Well done – IEVs the whole thing is completely befuddling, thanks to you!

And actually, this article… https://www.fleetnews.co.uk/news/environment/2018/04/25/uk-electric-vehicle-parc-grows-44-in-last-two-years … shows Cap HPI saying that we *are* talking EVs and the actual figure is 128% in 3 years…!!

I give up and I’ve had enough of IEV’s BS. I’m out of here!

The number of plug-in grant eligible cars registered since January 2011 is just over 144 thousand. So not fast progress but not all that slow.

Pathetic numbers once again

The UK plug in market share is generally higher than the US.

So? US numbers are also pathetic.

Not sure what the point is of a this year vs. three years ago comparison?
Anyway, 44% more means a CAGR of 13%… Not impressive at all, for EV markets (most month vs. same month last year comparisons InsideEVs publishes, for most markets, are in the 30%-40% rnage).