Electric Car Driver Test Drives Conventional Gas Car – Video

FEB 2 2016 BY MARK KANE 23

Electric Car Driver Test Drives ICE Car

Electric Car Driver Test Drives ICE Car

Sweden grows as masterful maker of internal combustion engine satire.

After Tesla Club Sweden’s  satire on testing ICE, now Power Circle released a video with a similar story (English subtitles are available).

An EV driver, for the very first time, visits a dealer to test conventional car.

Do not let the smile on the girls face trick you…

Source: Power Circle via Green Car Reports

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Well… the film makers’ hearts were in the right place. The execution left something to be desired, though.

I realize they were trying to “send a message” rather than be realistic, but I really think it would have worked better if they had tried to act out what would really happen in such a case. For example, she wouldn’t have known how to start the car. And the business with the stick shift was both silly and totally unconvincing. The auto dealer would never allowed someone to test drive a stick shift car when she didn’t know how to use a clutch! Furthermore, if she had tried, there would have been a lot of jerky starts and stalls before she got the hang of it.

They did at least throw in the hazards of using a highly flammable and toxic fuel, as well as the bad smell, but they completely missed pointing out the advantages of an EV’s silky smooth ride and its instant response to pressing the accelerator.

The automatic transmission in the EU such a heretic thing like the manual one in the US.


This is a Swedish video, where I assume stick-shift is still the overwhelming norm, especially for used cars.

The usual Swedish driver license test is in a manual transmission car. One could choose to take the driver test in an automatic transmission car, but the resulting driver license would be valid for only automatic transmission cars and invalid for manual transmission cars. The EV driver test driving the ICE car stated that she had never driven a manual transmission car, so her driver license must be invalid for a manual transmission car like the one she test drove. Oops!

I’ve rented many many cars in Europe – and even on rentals, an automatic transmission is simply not a option. Period. I think you can get them “special ordered” with a week advance notice to the rental car company – and this is with Sixt, a major rental chain in Germany and France.

And coming from an electric car, she really wouldn’t know what to do with a clutch. So for Europe, it’s not that far off the mark. It’s quite humorous to be traveling with other US drivers in Europe, that get “baptism by fire”, on learning how to drive a standard for the 1st time in Europe. It’s “learn quickly in the rental car parking lot”, or get the scooter.

Also, about 50% of the cars are diesel – Hence the “green” pump handle – Again, at a rental car place, you rarely have a option (I’m sure you can buy “gas” cars, it’s just that diesel is much more prevalent in Europe – Much to VW’s dismay, at this point)

I’m really glad I learned to drive using my grandpa’s old postwar Ford pickup. It had a 4-on-the-floor gearshift and a sloppy clutch. And out on the farm, I could practice with no traffic on the roads to deal with. After I learned how to drive that, I could pretty much drive anything, and I’ve always preferred manual transmission cars.

I feel sorry for American kids today, most of who learn to drive using an automatic transmission, so if they’re faced with a stick shift they have no idea how to handle it. Plus, being “thrown into the deep end”, learning how to drive in urban traffic, is pretty nerve-wracking.

Pupu, your argument against the commercial makes just about as much sense as my argument against Star wars for not teaching Jedi skill to Tesla self driving cars instead of using humanoid life forms.

I like this commercial more than Star Wars; this has EV in it.

Well, you went rather far out of your way to post an elaborate insult, but you haven’t actually said anything. We have no idea what you disagree with.

Try more light and less heat in your next post, please.

This goes back when Fiat had stormtrooper motif. Not an insult, but saying the reason why you see the practicals getting in the way is like the reason why the practicals getting in the way of my lack of appreciation for Star Wars.

Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear, then. It wasn’t so much that the business with the stick shift was a problem with the “practicals”, as you call it; it’s that they wasted a lot of time on the stick shift “problem”. This can be viewed as a stick shift vs. automatic transmission argument, which has absolutely nothing to do with EVs vs. gasmobiles.

To step back and look at the whole picture, I see this as a missed opportunity to do something much more to the point. If I were to produce such a video, I’d have it set in the future, and it would be a conversation between a grandfather and his granddaughter. Grandpa would be showing the youngster his “antique” gasmobile, and telling her how it was back in his day, when the roads were filled with them. The granddaughter would express wonder and amazement that people put up with such polluting, dirty, smelly, poisonous, noisy, slow-starting, rattletrap cars.

Now, wouldn’t that carry the message much better than this commercial does? As I said: A missed opportunity, which is why my reaction was mostly negative.

All just my opinion, of course.

This reminds me of how I brought the Honda Oddysee to the Honda service center after having driven an electric car (eGolf) for a while, because it seemed to shake so bad and also the brakes did this thing I had not noticed before that they go clack when switching from backwards to forwards and vice versa. All of which was normal I was being assured and they sent me back home with a filled tank of gas after they tested everything.

It is Honda Odyssey…

No wonder you thought the van was “broken”. 🙂

Happens to be best minivan for an ICE so far, drives like a street car, feels safe in the snow with all season tires, accelerates nice, 7 seats, backup and right turn camera in high quality, robotic sliding and hatch door, and a ton more luggage space than say the model X, can remove 7th seat myself, and when the third row seats are folded down I can put adult size bicycles in standing up.

If I wasn’t hell bent on never buying a gas car again, I would buy the Honda Oddyssee again. If only Honda would make a fully electric one on a large capacity skateboard design battery it could be ready for the future.

After driving electric, I’ve ended up spending money on noise dampening to quiet down our other vehicles that don’t have electric equivalents yet. I will be happy when there is an electric alternative for a vehicle with 10,000 lb towing capacity.

I’ll have to get my granddaughter an EV for her first car so she never has to deal with all the ICE crap we learned to live with and was sold sold on by the oil and auto industry. Michigan is one example of how they are still fighting and kicking to keep the status quo.

That is indeed a factor that is likely going to be an accelerator towards electrics, particularly if in addition to that, ice cars start to be seen as associated with old generation people and therefore take on an additional retrograde image.

I like it.
It does reflect youngster innocence and habit relation to car and technology.
If it isn’t simple and intuitive, it’s outdated and for that point alone, it nailed it pretty much on the nose.
Gas car being so much 20XX.
For that generation, it is old as dinosaur, which gas is anyway.

Is there a topless Swedish bikini team video here? Otherwise, I can watch TV ads for mind numbing video.

This was me going back to gas after almost 4 years driving an electric.


I had no idea what they were saying but I enjoyed it more than seeing Jaden Smith in the Modelx

You can see a translation of the dialogue by clicking on the “YouTube” link, then clicking on the “CC” icon at the bottom of the video frame.

Thanks will do now