Electric Car Carved Out Of Wind Turbine Field


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Image Credit: Maurice Hammond via BBC News

Artists, Carl Roberts and Stefan Fulcher have developed somewhat of a reputation in Eye, Suffolk, by means of displaying their artwork in the form of large shapes, plowed into fields. The pair has completed various projects including a B-17 bomber, rings for the 2012 London Olympics, a huge poppy in commemoration of U.S. servicemen lost in a battle near the town, and now a massive electric car, seemingly being charged by a nearby wind turbine.

Solar Electric Tractor

Solar Electric Tractor

The two artists must first request permission from the landowner and assure that the tractors are not being used for farming. Then, the long process involves marking out the shapes and ploughing. A friend from a local aircraft club monitors the work from the air using a drone. The 656 ft. electric car project took nearly seven hours to complete.

Rogers, a geography teacher with a degree in art said:

I’m “obsessed with aerial views … the idea of a turbine powering a car seemed very interesting”.

He took interest in electric cars during a recent trip to London. He said that he was shocked at how many electric cars he noticed there. Roberts shared:

“It got me thinking about electric cars and how few there seem to be in the countryside.”

The London visit opened Roberts’ eyes and gave him an idea for this fun piece of original art. While we can rest assured that the drone involved in the project was powered by a lithium-ion battery, it is most certain that the tractors were not.

Source: BBC News

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Cool. Add another curved line, and it will have a windshield. 😉

No, no, it’s aliens doing it!

No no it’s Kindergarten kids on a field day trip doing it…Silly silly silly ..Grown Ups & they call it Art…L M A 0…

Another Stupid Article…

I give them an “A” for concept, but a “D” for artwork.

The cord going to the wind turbine is a nice touch.