Electric Boat From Boat Showrooms Featured On Fully Charged (video)

JUL 23 2016 BY MARK KANE 10

It appears to be a great pleasure to relax and enjoy the vibration-free silence of being on the water in an electric boat.

Electric Boat | Fully Charged

Electric Boat | Fully Charged

The latest, just released episode of Fully Charged takes a look (and ride) at just such a boat from Boat Showrooms

There are even more advantages over a conventional engine than just personal enjoyment according to the video, as apparently the higher upfront price tag can be offset by low service/operation costs over about 10 years (+/- depending on usage of course).

The range is high enough for whole day (about eight hours).

“A gentle meander down the peaceful Thames river on a glorious summer day in Olde England, and there’s no noise or vibration because this boat is electric.
It’s the ALFASTREET ENERGY 23C and it’s lovely”

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new electric started testing ev boats a few years back i wonder where they are now https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsoz2izhGltjay4Tl2niPSQ/videos?feature=hovercard

Last night I watched one of Robert’s episodes about an electric racing planes. The electric motors are much lighter than the piston engines used in other pylon racing planes. The guy talking to Robert does a great job explaining how it all works. It’s my favorite episode of Fully Charged.

Princecraft makes the BRIO e 17 electric Pontoon boat. I’ve checked it out on their website and you tube a few times but I’ve never seen one on the water. Electric boat and electric ATV are on my future buy list.

It’s all about the batteries. After ridding myself of the 30 gal/hr boat I had, I have checked into electric water transport here and there. Far too few options with Li battery technology. Standard Lead Acid is eaten up in Florida heat.

One thing I did do, and highly recommend, is replacing the dinghy motor (I kept the dinghy from that gas monster) with a Torqeedo electric motor that does use Li batteries. At some point, I need to write up a review here for insideevs. I love my (easily manageable) electric motor versus the old (heavy) gas outboard that terrified me every time I handled it as I worried it would fall off the swim platform as I lumbered to attach it to the dinghy. And I always had to fart around with bringing gas along for the dinghy- a toxic nightmare. It’s a pity that I did not have the Torqeedo around in my cruising days. It is really a dream.

Please do tell us of your e-boating experiences. My brother loves boating and wants to change to using an electric motor. I am quite sure he would fancy your upcoming article. 🙂

OK! Thanks for the kick in the pants. I have procrastinated this for too long. I will write up my review and submit it to Jay posthaste.

here you can see my electric boat.
gasoline engines are not allowed in our lakes.
22kwh lifepo winston,10kw intermotor


Nice, thanks for the share!