Electric BMW SUV Rendered


Via Car Advice, we see a rendered electric BMW SUV/CUV.

We’re thinking that BMW’s next i vehicle will be some sort of crossover, perhaps similar to this rendering.

It may be called the i5, but at this point in time BMW isn’t willing to share specific details on the vehicle that it has confirmed it’s working on.

The i5 rumormill has been churning for a long time now. We do expect to see perhaps a concept unveiled this year, but production will still be a few years off.


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uhmm, design touches? German design does not follow Japanese design (Ignoring Mercedes’ hilarious attempt for younger market with the bug-eyes),
gotta lose the headlight eyes-down-the-fender and the whatever-that-is-dripping-from-both-sides facia-gills, sorry. The company that nearly copied the i3 (name escapes me) might be interested, though.

A more AERODYNAMIC Nose in an EV would be Nice.

I hope not otherwise we would still be waiting for the 3 series alike model i from them again.

More appealing than Model X. Tesla need to hire a new designer team.

They will need to make it lighter and more streamlined, their SUVs are neither.