Electric BMW iSUV To Be Built In U.S., Expected To Launch By 2018


According to BMW, all of its i sub-brand offerings will be ground-up, dedicated plug-in electric cars.  Therefore, this rumored upcoming iSUV will not be based on any of the automaker’s current Sport Utility Vehicles.  Instead, this will be an all-new SUV to rival the Tesla Model S.

News of this iSUV comes via German sources who state that the vehicle will be built in the U.S. at BMW’s Spartanburg factory where the X3, X4, X5 and X6 crossovers are currently made.

BMW has not denied this rumor, but rather claims that its “speculation.”

We believe that an iSUV is a perfect choice for the third model in BMW’s i lineup and suspect that these rumors do indeed line up with the automaker’s plans.  The iSUV is expected to launch prior to 2018.

Arndt Ellinghorst, head of global automotive research at Evercore ISI, told investors:

“In our view an iSUV makes perfect sense for BMW. SUVs are in demand and given the market’s reaction to Tesla’s Model X so far, it seems to be a good fit for families and suburban commuters.”

Source: Automotive News

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17 responses to "Electric BMW iSUV To Be Built In U.S., Expected To Launch By 2018"
  1. Anon says:

    You mean, an SUV to “rival the Tesla Model X”, right?

    1. ffbj says:

      Correct. many is the slip twixt cup and lip.
      “FRANKFURT — BMW plans to build a battery powered SUV/crossover in the U.S. as a rival to the upcoming Tesla Model X, a German business magazine said.”

  2. MTN Ranger says:

    “Instead, this will be an all-new SUV to rival the Tesla Model S.” I think you mean Model X.

  3. ampzilla says:

    more will be revealed so far hearsay

  4. Hastings says:

    That’s their strategy. Wait to see how Tesla does. If they see Tesla making money then they will build their own EV. If it weren’t for Tesla there would be no mass market EVs ever produced.

    1. Mr. Electric says:

      I think you meant to type “the state of California” instead of “Tesla.” The Ford Focus Electric, for example, entered production six months before the Model S.

      1. JakeY says:

        He’s saying mass market EVs not compliance ones.

        1. Three Electrics says:

          The Nissan LEAF was unveiled in 2009 and also shipped before the Model S. It has sold almost 200,000 units.

  5. vdiv says:

    Dear BMW,

    Rival up already! 🙂

  6. mo says:

    Why would BMW produce an SUV based on the public’s interest in a rival’s SUV? Doesn’t BMW have its own research and customer polling?

  7. Speculawyer says:

    Hopefully the Model X will be released before then. 😉

    1. ffbj says:

      Good One!

  8. QCO says:

    I’m sure BMW has its eyes on Tesla, but from what I gather the German manufacturers are going “all in” on electrification because it is the only way to meet the fleet average requirements since they don’t benefit from the truck offset that helps the big 3 domestics.

    An iCUV is a logical next step given the high CUV volume in North America.

  9. techguy says:

    If the timing is right and the battery is upgraded like the model X, then I’m in. (Just in time for my lease term expiration). I suspect a lot of people will be too.

  10. bogdan8128 says:

    Until BMW launches its electric SUV, there will be Tesla Model X everywhere!

    1. ClarksonCote says:

      Until Tesla actually launches its Model X CUV, there will be Tesla Model X nowhere!

  11. wavelet says:

    BEV or PHEV?
    Unless it’s a BEV, it’s not a Model X competitor, simply because it would be significantly cheaper to produce (and therefore likely cheaper to buy) for similar range/performance.