Electric BMW Isetta Rendered


BMW Isetta Render

The iconic Isetta has been digitally remastered as a pure electric car.

The original Isetta, which later became linked to the BMW brand, was designed in Italy in typical Italian fashion for the time.

It’s tiny, but perhaps its most recognizable feature other than its small size was its front -opening entry point. That’s retained in this rendering, but the front open in a different way.

BMW Isetta Render


“…a forward-looking designer by the name of Justin Hyunjung Cho decided to give the Isetta a new look and send it straight to the future. As that future seems to become more and more crowded by the day, with people struggling more and more to find a use for their cars inside big cities, his take on the Isetta might actually be useful. In his sketches you can see that the base principles of the original were kept alone.”

“The front end of the car opens to allow passengers to get in but since this is an autonomous electric car, the steering wheel doesn’t get in the way any more.”

BMW Isetta Render

It’s funky, that’s for sure, but the autonomous electric future will be full of funk, so we approve.

Source: Behance via BMWBLOG

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It’s Vaporware Anyways ..However, Get excessive damage in the front and the Door becomes inoperable & it Turns Into “A Death Trap”

Do you really think emergency egress would somehow be overlooked on a production car?? Obviously if it were sold in the US, it would have to meet rigorous safety standards with alternative or dedicated ways to get out in a frontal collision.

Correct ❗️

Well, the original car obviously didn’t have crumple zones & airbags… However, emergency egress was certainly considered. The car had a rolltop canvas roof, like the Citroën 2CV, which would serve for that.
The overall design would make for a decent autocycle-type BEV, although certainly not as passively-safe as a car. motor & battery in rear / passengers in front would make for a decent weight distribution.

Yeah! I mean now one would ever be dumb enough to build a four door car without mechanical door releases in the back seat, right? That would be a crazy death trap of a car! But it’s okay, something like that would probably never get certified for sale.

Also, whoever rendered this car has obviously never seen an Isetta. This is nothing but bland, generic vapourware with none of the character (or styling cues, for that matter) of the original. Imho.

It would be great for a city car ?

Parallel parking will be its enemy.

How did you come up with that crazy idea ❓

I live in Boston where ALL parking is parallel and you usually have 2 inches to spare in front of you assuming you haven’t already bumped them. To be a true city car, it would need to fit nose in into a regular parallel parking spot to allow you to get out. Maybe it is that short? A smart for two can’t do that and it pushes the limits on size. Or, maybe you need to summon it before you get in?

Philadelphia too.
If you can’t parallel park, you get shipped out to the suburbs.

Can you imagine how much curbside parking space these could save with no space needed between them when backed against the curb? It’s actually a nice looking car too.

It has been redone and is offered for sale in Europe. “Microlino” manufactured by Tazzari in Imola. Does 90kmh and has a range of 200km. Legally it is like an ATV.

Much better.

Weather is also an enemy of this stupid door design. Hard rain or snow fills the seats while you enter. Pass.

Best one-word description of the original Isetta: “Dire.” No idea why anyone would want to bring it back.


Yep and Doug is the strangest automotive journalist of all time. Not only is he completely annoying he’s the biggest idiot I’ve ever listen to and you can not even get halfway through his videos because If you do you’ll end up throwing up.

So in tight parking lot you are getting out off the car directly towards the wall? Are you joking? Otherwise you allways must park backwards.

It’s not a real Isetta if the door doesn’t open to the side. The original Isetta was designed this way because the company that built them previously built refrigerators. The design makes it very spacious, BTW.

Will urckel buy one??