Electric Bikes Of Burning Man 2015 – Video


Did you miss out on going to Burning Man this year?  We did too…  though we have some friends there.  EV friends, of course.  (That pesky “being a grown-up thing and having to be Responsible” always rears its ugly head.) Here’s a view of The Playa from an electric bike perspective, from our buddies at ElectricBikeReview.com:

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They should have electric bikes recharged by solar panels…great fun!

Virtually all is solar-powered at BM.

Except for the “burning of the man”…

Gee where is Elon 🙂

I saw a Prius happily parked in the video, how awesome would it be if a LEAF made it to the burning man, or even an i-MiEV for the sakes of a challenge?!

I have a feeling something of the sort has already happened.

And wow! 2:46 A CLEVER Scooter! A shame that there weren’t any fold-up bikes.

Elon didnt go?

On all of the TV stations last night was a story about a car wash in San Francisco that was charging $100 to wash a car that had been at the Burning Man event. Apparently the quality and quantity of the dust is such that it takes a lot of work to wash the cars that had been there and also the dust clogs the recycling filter of the car wash, resulting in needing to drain the debris without filtering and use more water to wash each car. They also mentioned one attendee who covered his car the entire time he was there and the cover didn’t do a thing to keep his car dust-free. You got to be tough to attend the Burning Man.

Tough or stupid or crazy…

Been there and done that once and would never do it again.

It was stupid.

The amount of fine dust coming out of my car’s filter would give you second thought.

Just imagine the amount of PM2.5 and PM10 that would stuck in my lungs would give me regrets…

If the event is located in a better location, I would have been more excited going there again…