Electric BIGFOOT Crushes Gassers Again – GoPro HD On-Board Video

OCT 11 2013 BY MARK KANE 3



Unveiled about a year ago, the one-of-a-kind BIGFOOT #20 electric monster truck strikes from time to time and crushes gassers when he finds a few extra laying around.

A few days ago, BIGFOOT #20 showed up for the grand opening of a new Battery Outfitters store in Springfield, Missouri.

Yes, BIGFOOT #20 likes batteries (pack consists of 30 PC1200 from Odyssey Battery), but isn’t fond of gassers.

Below is the latest GoPro HD on-board video and some of the finest older ones around:

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3 Comments on "Electric BIGFOOT Crushes Gassers Again – GoPro HD On-Board Video"

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Mark Hovis

Trampled Under Foot EV Style….

scott moore

Scotty like.

I have noticed that the EV torque principle comes in handy on occasion. Getting to the side yard location I placed my charger involves climbing a curb, which my leaf can do slowly, carefully and under complete control without use of a clutch.

Jesse Gurr

Anybody else notice how many kids were at these events? I would much rather take my kid to see this rather than the gas version because of noise and emissions. Also, who noticed that one of these events was indoors? Awesome! Gotta say, I love that DC motor whine. Also, by the reaction of the crowd, it seems like this Bigfoot is “crushing” it. 😛 You can also plainly hear the cars getting crushed.