Electric Audi SUV To Debut At 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show


Perhaps it is this?

Perhaps this concept foreshadows what the production version will look like?

Audi will debut an electric SUV (supposedly a strong Tesla Model X competitor) at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show.

It has been stated that this EV will be sitting on Volkswagen’s “GEN II MLB¬†modular-longitudinal platform,” and that there may be a plug-in hybrid & hydrogen version offered, as well.

Claimed range at this early stage is 310 miles.

Perhaps this model that’s expected to launch by 2018 will be called the Q6 e-tron?

Rupert Stadler, Audi’s CEO, stated that production will exceed 10,000 units.¬†“Otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth it,” Stadler stated.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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This will likely guarantee that Tesla will show the X at the same show. It would raise eyebrows of Audi were showing an eSUV and Tesla were not, especially so close to the paper launch date.

I doubt it. Tesla does there own thing. Besides, Audi is revealing a prototye. The X concept was already revealed in 2012.

Here’s one simple question
is it??
Anyone can make a 300mile EV, its all about the cost!

Tesla unveiled the Model S in Frankfurt and was there as recently as 2013.

I have not yet seen Tesla on the Frankfurt show press release schedule — or on the show floor map. I could totally have missed something, so please correct me if I’m wrong. Do you have a link?

I am under the impression that main purpose of Audi R8 electric was to test the small cells/high energy density battery needed to achieve the 310 miles for such an SUV. Please no gadgets Audi (Falcon wing doors, door handles etc…). K.I.S.S.


2018? + 10.000 Units?

Hopefully this doesn’t follow the same trend that Audi established with their R8 E-tron… are they ever going to actually produce an EV instead of just talking about one??

A3 e-Tron is one of the top selling PEVs in europe.

A3 e-tron is a PHEV. The R8 e-tron remains the only EV they have in production.

Audi A3 is really a VW Golf in disguise, same platform, sharing many components together with Seat & Skoda. All part of the same group (VW). VW seemingly has not a very good image in the USA but well informed readers here might know that VW currently fights with Toyota for world first car producer (10M+ cars produced in one year) with 1st place expected this year. VW group has now 3 BEV’s and 7 PHEV’s, with a new PHEV model coming about every other month. I know this is not the convenient “GAN” (Generally accepted narrative) here but disqualifying this group at such an early stage in the BEV/PHEV race is at best an “uneducated” opinion, at worst plain stupidity.

Small correction. The R8 E-tron won’t be in production until someone orders it. And that someone won’t be an American, since Audi just withdrew it.

There is a HUGE difference between a PHEV with a tiny, low-cost battery and a BEV with a battery large enough to power a vehicle for 200 to 300 miles. Tesla is still the ONLY manufacturer who has accomplished this in a production vehicle. To me, 200mi+ vehicle claims are ALL vapourware until they are demonstrated in real life… not to mention the correlating battery costs aligning with projected pricing

Remember the old Wendy’s commercial with the catch phrase “Where’s the Beef”? In other words – stop talking about it and produce the damned thing already. Talk is cheap.

So far only Tesla is doing it. All the others are waiting to see if Tesla succeeds. Once they see success then they will follow Tesla’s lead. If Tesla does not succeed then you can bet all the other manufacturers will drop EVs like a hot potato.

That’s why I will be buying Tesla – because they alone are brave enough to venture into the Long Range EV market and they are now trail blazing while all others are merely followers.

Agreed, but there is not a huge difference in the amount of fossil fuel that a PHEV and BEV will displace. One carries around an engine that it uses rarely for longer distances, the other carries around a massive battery that it uses rarely for longer distances. I’m happy with either.

…but will it have Falcon Doors?

…how about a cool mega large touch-screen?

By 2018 Tesla will have a SC every ~50miles on every major interstate highway…how will Audi compete against that?

and…Audi will be running a uphill race wearing heavy ankle weights (gas, diesel, gas-hybrid, diesel-hybrid & hydrogen).

Great, but the supercharger network is a huge selling point which Audi does not have. Glad there is competition, though, and I’m sure it will be a gorgeous auto.

Thanks for using the words “supposedly” and “claimed” in your article. A healthy dose of skepticism is recommended for Audi.

What is the power level of charging? 50kW ? Has Audi said yet? That will turn out to be one of the most important specifications.

And… I’m willing to bet money that Tesla WON’T show the Model X there – unless it has been revealed already in full. Tesla is like Apple… they don’t attend industry-wide shows unless they have to. They prefer to get the press to their own events, where there’s no opportunity to A-B products, and all attention is on Elon for his Steve Jobs-style presentations. (perfectly understandable, it works for Apple!)