Electric Audi Q5 To Be Built In Mexico


Audi Q5

Audi Q5

It’s being reported that the upcoming, long-range, pure electric Audi SUV will be built at the automaker’s new factory in Mexico.

As Automotive News states:

“Audi plans to make an electric version of its Q5 midsize SUV at its new plant in Mexico, two sources with knowledge of the project said.”

“Audi is set to open a $1.3 billion factory in Mexico on Sept. 30, its first in the country that is slated eventually to be Audi’s only source globally for the Q5 models.”

The electric SUV, likely to be called the Q5 e-tron, should boast impressive range figures. Dr. Rudiger Chmielewski, head of total vehicle development at Audi, previously stated the following in regards to electric range for the Q6 e-tron (we assume a similar pack/e-drivetrain for the Q5 e-tron).

“This is an electric car suitable for the long haul. It’ll have a 500km (310-mile) range, and is tangible proof of our commitment to electric mobility.”

That’s an NEDC figure. We can assume an EPA rating of approximately 260 miles or so.

Automotive News added a few more comments on the Audi factory in Mexico:

“The plant in San Jose Chiapa in central Mexico will produce Q5s with combustion engines at first, but plans to introduce the electric version in the near term, said the sources, who requested anonymity.”

“They are training personnel,” one of the sources said, adding that the project does not yet have a launch date.”

The Mexican plant is expected to produce 150,000 Q5s annually. There’s no breakdown of that figure for ICE versus pure electric though.

The electric Audi SUV should enter production sometime in 2018.

Source: Automotive News

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That’s a good reminder of its actual range: ~260 miles.

Actually, wouldn’t 310 NEDC miles convert to 193 not 260 miles?

I know Insideevs must be pleased as punch TDI owners will get at least $5,100 from VW Group. Sounds like the beginning of a PHEV shopping budget.

Sad there are few VW/Audi/Porsche models, to swap into. No Golf GTE, Q7 PHEV, Mission E, or the car above. I did see a $47,000 8kwh, A3 e-Tron the other day.

The most amazing thing to me about this all electric SUV is that Audi will build a nationwide 150 kW DCFC (presumably only CCS) network in the U.S. If not limited to use by only the Q6 (which I doubt), then that means by 2020 we might be talking a nationwide ‘next gen’ fast charge network in operation.

Ok, if they are building that network, then why have they not started?
One thing that I have noticed about the German car makers is that they promise a lot and deliver very little.

As far as I know, the Q6 e-tron would be built in Brussels. Does this mean there is also going to be a Q5 e-tron maybe?

Exactly. I’m confused. There is a new Q5 e-tron we don’t know about?

Google “This is an electric car suitable for the long haul. It’ll have a 500km (310-mile) range, and is tangible proof of our commitment to electric mobility” and it’s immediately clear it was Q6 E-tron, not Q5 E-tron the Audio executive was talking about.

Google Q5E-tron and no such car shows up…

I’ll take one of these over the X or 3, sweet.

Me likey. Way better looking than the X.

As I know,the all electric Q6 e-tron will be produce in Brussels by 2018, where the A2 is build right now. Due to, the A2 production goes to Spain to Martonell, and the production of the next generation Audi Q3 serie goes from Spain to Hungary in 2018, where at this time the A3 and TT models are made.

The pictures above show the prototype of all-electric Q6, wich was annouced last fall, so it is not a Q5.

It is possible, that the the appearance of the new Q5 will be similiar to future Q6 e-tron, at the same time they are technically totally different, each models require a different production method and supliers, so in my opinion they won’t be build in the same factory in Mexico.

After 2018 more Audi BEV are comin, but I think they won’t be SUV. It is also said, that after 2020 every 4th Audi will be a BEV

Wow! For once InsideEVs’ headline really does mean ‘electric’!! Almost as amazing news as this truly first ‘real’ EV that isn’t a Tesla… just wondering what the price will be (and how they propose that drivers will rapid charge it on a long trip)…

I won’t hold my breath the VW group is all hat no cattle when it comes to BEVs.

These cars look like an ICE car that now has an electric motor. In fact, this POS looks like a bigger e-golf.
And probably has the same quality as their diesel garbage.