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OCT 21 2015 BY MARK KANE 60

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin unveiled today its RapidE concept, an all-electric car developed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering, based on the Rapide S four-door sports saloon.

There were no specs revealed at this time, but a production version is expected in about two years.

Autocar provides us with some insight. We’ve learned that Aston Martin is considering two versions – rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive possibly with 4 independent motors, with total 800-1,000 or so hp.

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer said that 200 miles of range “reasonably driven” is expected for the RWD version. On the other hand, the more powerful AWD version will have shorter range, but we don’t understand exactly why (dual motor Teslas with similar tire sets have even higher range than RWD versions).

RapidE will be “track ready“, and is developed to be able run on the Nurburgring without battery power constraints.

Price of the base RapidE will be at around £200,000 ($309,000), £50,000 more than ICE, and even more if you opt for AWD.

The plan is to produce only 400 units a year at Gaydon facility, and around 100 are expected to be sold in China.

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

More on the project from the press release:

“The new RapidE concept has been developed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering at its facility in Grove, Oxfordshire. It is on display today in support of a creative summit organised by the British government’s successful GREAT campaign to showcase the best of what the UK has to offer and encourage people to visit, do business, invest and study in this country.”

“During the Lancaster House event, Aston Martin and Chinese investment group, ChinaEquity, announced an agreement to explore the development of a production version of the RapidE concept. If successful, the new luxury sports car would be constructed at Aston Martin’s global HQ in Gaydon, Warwickshire, and could be brought to market in around two years.”

Aston Martin CEO, Dr Andy Palmer, said:

“We see luxury electric vehicles as an intrinsic part of our future product portfolio and welcome ChinaEquity into the next phase of study for the project development.

“The exciting RapidE concept tangibly demonstrates the capability and ambition of Aston Martin towards developing low- and zero-emission sports cars.”

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Aston Martin full electric RapidE concept

Source: Autocar

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Am I the only person who thinks this like a Tesla Model S with an Aston Martin grill on it?

Yeah, I thought it was another aftermarket styling kit for a second.

Then I saw it had no Frunk…

Funny how bloggers complain about Teslas’ door handles, but other automakers seem to feel comfortable copying them.

Aston have been making them longer than Tesla. Get real… Onan

No. It looks like every other Aston Martin in showrooms and on the street.

Conversely, a Tesla Model S looks like an ugly version of an Aston Martin or Ford Fusion.. pick whichever since the Ford FUsion looks like an Aston Martin knockoff (same designer actually). I’m not a fan of the bubbly-ness of the MS lines.

ROFL the Model S is pure sexy.

Ford Fusion is bubbly. Model S has a perfect design.

Even Tesla fanboys admit Tesla design is very conservative. It’s certainly no Aston.

The Model S is a badass sharp design. The only appearance thing I don’t 100% like is the front grill. Tesla fixed the grill with the Model X. Well played Tesla.

Pure sexy copies of a Jaguar or AM styling. Aston Martin’s Rapide (2010) was out well before the Model S.

the rapide has the same general outline of the model s, but there is nothing particularly unique about the general outline of the model s – it has the standard long hood/short tail sports car profile. the rear of the model s is a cut and paste from a jaguar.

AM was first with the good looks, it is Tesla that looks like the AM not the other way around.

Please remove your blue stickers on it. It’s not because it’s an EV that it needs to be ugly.

So they are going to produce an EV using the same chassis as the ICE version. This usually leads to a crappy EV experience as the battery pack is fit where ever there is space rather than properly design the car around the battery pack.

And where’s the frunk? Oh, it’s filled with something that looks like an engine. Who wants that?

Yea, They’re trying to fool people into thinking it’s a V8 ICE L M A O ….Now That’s Starting 0ff on the right foot!….Maybe they’ll add some Fake exhaust pipe tips too ….That is the cheesiest car ever, if you ask me ,or anyone that knows anything about cars. THAT CONCEPT IS ALL WRONG Rite from the Get Go..So AM quit while you’re ahead & STOP THROWING AWAY good $$$$$ for bad…This will surely Fail…

Where’s the frunk?

How do you say “RAPIDE”?

A Frenchman would say, ‘raw-PEED’.

I don’t know why A-M chose to keep the front grille.



Why is everyone talking about saying it like a French person? Isn’t Aston Martin British?

I was thinking it might be 3 syllables
Rapid-E. (“E” for electric)

i tend to agree, that’s why the “e” on the end is a different color (or maybe that should be “colour”).

Couleur, please! Sniff.

Amazing! So almost 6 years after Tesla brought the Model S to market, a well rooted auto manufacturer is going to build a car that looks nearly identical, has similar performance, reduced range, and reduced cargo capacity for triple the price??


Watching these conventional automakers finally poop out these lame EV concepts and prototypes really makes me appreciate the design of the Tesla Model S even more.

It’s the other way around, Musk said his Model S was inspired from Aston Martin…
Can’t remember where i saw or read it.

Yep. When the Model S was first revealed everyone said it looked like an Aston Martin.

I’ve heard the same thing about the Ford Fusion.

Model S looks like a Maserati too.

1. That Maserati came out after the Model S.

2. Its ugly.

3. It doesnt look like the Model S

1. Looks like older model Maserati’s too.

2. Subjective, but I’m not a fan either.

3. See #1

They All look familiar. Car design has been a “copy cat” business from the beginning of time…Just look at the history…

Apparently Ford hired an ex-designer from AM …Not joking

Ford used to own AM

From the Tesla forum:

They do share some common design DNA .. due to a certain Mr Henrik Fisker.

He designed the DB9 before moving to Tesla and coming up with the early designs for the Model S, but left under a cloud before 2008. The rest is history !

I wonder what the Model X would have looked like if it was designed by Henrik Fisker.

A Hyundai Tucson killer, like it is now.

100% Crap!

Your Mr Fisker worked at Tesla to gain ideas ,information & knowledge soley with intention of starting his own car company . while At Tesla He Purposely Came Up with the Crappiest of designs that were NEVER Utilized,0nly designed to hold tesla back. He Had “ZERO” Input on the Model”S” it was all Straubel’s Design ..karma bit him in the *SS & went out of business with his defective cars….Look where he is now…

Get rid of that big stupid grille!

They might need it for extra cooling to make the car “track ready”. Of course that decision affects less than 1% of the Aston Martin drivers…

I don’t know.
Grill are dragging a lot of air all around.
In an EV, if well design, cooling can be done with other mean.
Small motorized scoop beneath the car or in the wheels wells could do the job of providing an exhausting all the air needed for cooling.
And Just as needed.
I guess this is a traditional ICE Rapid they just stuff an electric propulsion in to show off.
If in fact a RapidEV come to fruition, it would be different and the grill left out.

Professing “Nurburgring” ready ambitions, for a BEV, sends up my BS antenna. Then, with the use of an existing body, I’m thinking “discount BEV design”.

My hopes for Astin just took two steps back.

Aston Martins are handbuilt. This makes the term “existing body” a bit vague, as coachbuilders and the like are simply in a different game than mass producers.

Lack of Frunk tells me this is not a clean slate EV design, and sacrifices were made. 😛

I agree., mass producers are Much more accurate & Consistent in Product Quality….Hand made 0ld hat!

The “Nurburgring” ready statement is an implied reference to Tesla’s inability to complete the track without overheating (or going into reduced power mode to prevent overheating).

It’s the same issue Motor Trend had where they could not complete even 1 lap of the Laguna Seca track in CA for the P85 without overheating either.

I really wonder by seeing that frunk full of batteries, how much KWh of extra energy the Tesla Model S90 could hold if its frunk was also filled with more batteries. If we guess 60 KWh, we would come together with the existing floor battery, to a total of 150 KWh. That would be quiet amazing because it would let the Model S reach a range of 400 miles on the freeway at 80 mph. That is a magic number that would sell a lot more ev since it really becomes an ICE like range.

The exceptionally well-balanced weight distribution of the sub-floor battery gives the Model S very good handling. The vehicle would suck with all that extra weight concentrated in the front. You’d have to tune / beef up the front suspension to compensate for it. And it just wouldn’t handle as well as it did before the mod. Ungh.

They can extend the frame/batteries beyond the front & rear axles without effecting frunk room…

..only at the cost of reducing crash safety, since you woul effectively reduce the front and back ‘crumple’ zones

This is awesome. This proves that other automakers are around four years behind Tesla – overall. I don’t think electric “Exotics” are going to be as sought after as their ICE counterparts. Why would you pay $300K as opposed to $140K for a P90DL that can go 0-60 in 2.8 sec.

And even most of them that have worked on electrics will remain behind because instead of designing a pure electric, they tried to shoehorn an EV drivetrain into an existing chassis.

BMW is an exception that did a couple clean plug-in designs but I think their cars are kinda failures in different ways. i3 is too quirky/polarizing and under-batteried. i8 is too exotic, impractical, and expensive.

BEV i3 shares chassis with REx i3, therefore compromises. i8 doesn’t have a BEV, so who cares?

THE TESLA MODEL”S” IS INDEED AN EXOTIC! With tons of room , mind you……

especially a Red Model S…

@Mark Kane: “On the other hand, the more powerful AWD version will have shorter range, but we don’t understand exactly why (dual motor Teslas with similar tire sets have even higher range than RWD versions).”

Tesla decided to use two different gear ratios for the front and rear motors. One gear is optimized for performance (high torque), while the other one is optimized for efficiency (lower torque, higher efficiency). This is mainly because you don’t need hundreds of horse powers to continuously drive at 60mph. the RWD version is optimized somewhere in between and hence is less efficient on long runs (i.e. has a lower range).
Aston presumably didn’t make this choice, as efficiency never really concerned them or they did not bother to fiddle with it. So the added weight and number of motors will decrease efficiency (but can increase performance), while there were probably no measures taken to increase efficiency. (or at least not to compensate the negative effects fully, unlike the Tesla)

I wonder where AM will source the traction batteries.

So for double the price you get half the performance of the model S? I think they need to work a little harder on that deal.

I’m getting tired of hearing Nurburgring here, Nurburgring there. I’m sure less than 1% of people that want to buy a Model S are thinking “the Nurburgring/laguna seca thing is a deal breaker for me, let’s wait 2 years (or more) to buy an Aston Martin rapidE for 100.000$ more”

Another rich person’s E-Toy.