Electric And Hydrogen Mercedes-Benz Citaro Buses On The Road By 2018

MAR 19 2016 BY MARK KANE 6

Daimler Buses Preview Busworld Kortrijk 2015 Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGT

Daimler Buses Preview Busworld Kortrijk 2015 Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGT

Daimler Buses, one of the largest players on the bus market today, announced the approaching of pure electric and hydrogen fuel cell Mercedes-Benz Citaros.

Both the E-CELL and F-CELL to be introduced by 2018, which continues to demonstrate the lead already achieved by BYD and their lineup of plug-in buses.

Both models will be build on a joint E-Mobility platform and “both powertrain concepts to production standard and on the roads by 2018“.

The battery sizes and charging infrastructure will be offered specifically for each tender to meet requirements of particular line. Some electric buses will be charged overnight, while others on the route, using roof-fast charging system.

Hopefully Daimler should in the next few years join Volvo and BYD in global bus electrification in the heavy weight class.

“As an alternative to the further optimized drivetrain with a combustion engine, the next steps on the road to the future are the battery-electric Citaro E-CELL and the hydrogen-driven Citaro F-CELL. They are based on a joint E-Mobility platform.

In the development of these technologies, Daimler Buses benefits strongly from its affiliation in the group because the vehicle divisions are also working together on the road to emission-free driving.

For example, this also applies for the integration of the new electronics platform B2E in the Citaro. It is even more powerful, more reliable and more flexible. In addition, in the course of its introduction, the working area for the driver was upgraded again, among other things, by a larger and more visible Color display and simplified operating elements for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning.”

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Read BYD outcompetes Daimler by years.

Yet people claim that the Chinese just copy…

If they copy what Daimler will market in far future (most likely at ice friendly price…) I welcome them to the club of time travellers 😉

Well the chassis, frame, motors of both the E-Cell and F-Cell will be the same, just the powerplant (battery / fuel cell) needs to be different.

This way the cost can be economized.
Yes Daimler Benz the company that invented the combustion engine is far behind the new Chinese company – BYD.

Hope they catch up.

Looks like they may have put the H2 tanks up on the roof like city buses do with CNG. They could get decent range with enough of them.

Maybe Daimler can more easily retrofit batteries once they finally ditch those hydrogen fuel cells.

Perhaps they could explain how their FC buses will fare better than these that were tried and failed.

Perhaps they won’t require hydrogen to be imported from as far away as the width of the entire North American continent. BC imported its hydrogen from Quebec.