Electric 818 from EV West Hits The Track – Video

MAY 3 2014 BY JAY COLE 6

Electric 818 from EV West

Electric 818 from EV West

Michael Bream from EV West walks us through the Electric 818 car.

And by that we mean EV West takes the car out to Adams Motorsport Park for an “initial shakedown” on the track!

“The car is powered by a HPEVS AC2-35 dual AC motor setup running at 144kW. The car has 16kWh of capacity, and can drive about 60-70 miles on it’s lightweight lithium ion battery pack. Recharging is done through an onboard 5000W charger, and is public charge station compatible, making this street legal electric rocket ship a great way to run around town, and still have track-worthy performance.

The current weight of the car is 1,700 pounds, but a further 250 pounds of bodywork will be added to the car at some point.

Electric 818 from EV West (Interior)

Electric 818 from EV West (Interior)

EV West Electric Factory Five 818 Project Specs

Motor: Dual AC-35 Induction Motor by High Performance Electric Vehicle Systems
Controller: Liquid Cooled Dual Curtis 1239-8501 AC Motor Contollers
Peak Power: 144kW
Nominal Voltage: 144 Volts
Capacity: 16 kWh
Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate
Range: 60-70 miles
Onboard Charger: 5000W
Recharge Time: 4 hours
Charger Interface: SAE J1772
Peak Current: 1000 Amps
Instrumentation: Xantrex LinkPro, Asus 10” Tablet, Speedhut Speedometer & Tach
Transmisson: WRX 5 Speed
Brakes: WRX
Wheels: Sparco Assetto Gara
Tires: Hankook
Weight: Currently 1700 lbs. Expected to be 1950 lbs. when complete.
Cost: $9900 for Chassis, $2000 in Chassis Parts, $19,500 electric driveline.
Owner: Erik Hansen of 33 Machine

For more information on this project check out EVWest or 33machine‘s websites.

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A 5000 kW charger? Maybe 5000 W!

“Onboard Charger: 5000kW”
something went wrong there …

I can’t imagine performance is all that great if they are trying to draw a lot of amps out of a 16KWH LiFePo pack.

Don’t forget it will 2000 pounds max, and has one of those old fashioned torque multiplier (tranny) thingies. 🙂

I want to know how much to buy one that looks just like that!

I wouldn’t sneeze at 144kw/200HP in a 2000 lb EV. Most gas cars are likely to lose badly.

They are only doing 5C at that rate out of the battery so not hard. Even Nissan Leaf batteries do that.

In EV drag racing generally an EV needs just 50% of the HP/Kw to win, likely because far higher and flat from near 0 rpm torque curve. And they were all 1 gear drive.