Electracutioner Breaks Record, Makes Plasma


Just so you know, it’s not supposed to do that.

This past weekend, Jeff “Dice” Disinger and the Electracutioner packed up to the Ohio Mile ECTA run to try to take the Guinness record for the standing mile at 191mph, but ran into a bit of trouble with Mother Nature:

First run in… Really bad cross winds… Not to mention rain about the half mile mark… Lol.., my Gps says 167mph and I lifted at the 3/4 mile mark … Very sure I was well above 175mph about the time rain hit me……. Crosswinds are to much above 180mph … I’ll wait for tomorrow and hope for a better day!

Tomorrow, Sunday, was a better day, but still with some nasty weather to deal with.  Pushing 180, with rain and crosswinds, the motor decided to vaporize.  The incredible photo above, shot by Taylor Gregory catches just that moment.

Captioned “Did not know we were getting a fireworks show from the battery-powered ride”, here’s what Dice had to say:

This is a result of many bad conditions… I was just hit with rain and a gust of wind… Which puts a huge surge of amps to the motor! Not to mention the moisture in the air and when I went full throttle…. Pop!

Still, he broke a class record of 173mph, running 178mph, and that on his “backup motor”.


The tale of the tape GPS

See more at Dice’s Facebook page, and be sure to check out drag photos of all description on the Gregory Images Facebook page.

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That is a awesome headline, love it.

I know brushed DC is still the cheapest way to make gobs of torque, but I wonder who will put up the money to build a winning brushless dragster?

The Lightning LS218 bike runs an AC motor and clocked a 209.1mph standing start mile SCTA on 8/8/2015 at Mojave Mile.

Thanks for posting Taylor’s picture! Not bad for a 15 yr old huh? -Keri aka Taylor’s Momma

It’s a great picture. You should be very proud! (=