Electra Meccanica SOLO Electric Three-Wheeler Priced At $15,240 USD – September Launch

AUG 5 2016 BY MARK KANE 27

Vancouver-based Electra Meccanica announced the launch of the SOLO electric three-wheeler for September 9th, 2016.

The price was set at C$19,888 (with $250 refundable deposits), which is about $15,185 (USD).

The SOLO is equipped with a 8.64 kWh battery and can go up to 160 km (100 mi) on a single charge. 0-62 mph (100 km/h) is states at 8 seconds.

Whether there is space on the market for vehicles such as this beside more affordable full-size electric cars is a pretty big question. One of the major limits for three-wheelers could also be a classification as a motorcycle, which also drastically reduces the pool of available buyers.

“After many years of hard work, planning and engineering, we will be introducing the all-new 2017 Electra Meccanica Solo on Friday, September 9th, 2016!

The Public Introduction of the EMV Solo will be a feature of the 2016 Luxury & Supercar Weekend, at Vancouver’s beautiful Van Dusen Botanical Garden, located at 5251 Oak Street, Vancouver, British Columbia. Passes for this event (September 9th, 10th & 11th) are available by contacting us at EMV. EMV member passes are $50.00 each, and deluxe passes are $100 and include food and beverages. http://www.luxurysupercar.com

Solo Reservation Holders, Electra Meccanica Shareholders and other VIP guests will also be invited to a special “Sneak Preview” on Thursday, September 1st, at a secret location near Vancouver to be revealed to those of you who give us your RSVP for that event. You’ll be able to say that you saw the Solo a week before the rest of the world did!

To mark the occasion, we have produced an exclusive new red, white and black Solo windbreaker from our friends at Champion Systems. Order your collectible jacket online by July 22nd and it will be ready for pick up at the September 1st sneak preview or the public introduction. It’s a good way to see who is on Team Solo at the Intro Event! Wear your colours!!”


140 ft-lbs torque

AC Synchronous Electric Motor (up to 82hp)

0-100 kph – 8 Seconds

220 kph (Limited to 130kph) Top Speed

450 Kg Lightweight Aerospace Composite Chassis

All Wheel Disc Brakes

15” Aluminium Alloy Wheels

Battery Life

8.64 kWh Lithium Ion

220 & 110 Volt Charging

3 hours 220V / 6 hours 110V

Up to 160 km (100 mi) Range

2 Year Unlimited Warranty

Creature Comforts

LCD Digital Instrument Cluster

Remote Keyless Entry

Power Windows

AM/FM Stereo with Bluetooth/CD/USB

Rear View Backup Camera

285 Liters of Cargo Space

Heater and Defogger

2 Year Unlimited Mileage Warrant

Videos (below): Enjoy a sea of videos on the raw product

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The time for these types of vehicles as passed.

Why not just get a Mitsubishi iMiev?

I spoke with these guys on the phone. They are so arrogant & un-natural ..They’re no Elon musk to be sure ! They’re cold Distant & phony & I hate to say it .., But, They will not make it . Sounds like the typical Vancouver company that keeps on raising money to pay themselves.. for their sake .., hope I am wrong…But I am not!

A new Ford Focus EV can be bought for $20,000 in California with state and federal tax credits.

Yes, but I think this $15k price is before all rebates and credits. Post credit, it is just $5000? Sounds like a deal for commuting to work, if it is highway capable.

Also, three wheelers don’t need motorcycle license or helmets. Check Elo motors website. These are classified as autocycles.

The problem is in servicing. If there is no service network, no one is going to buy these no matter how cheap they are. Elio Motors did good by contracting with Pepboys.

Dr ValueSeeker said:

“…three wheelers don’t need motorcycle license or helmets.”

In the USA, that actually varies by State. As I understand from what I’ve read, there are a few States where you are required by law to wear a helmet anytime you’re operating a vehicle legally classed as a “motorcycle”, even if if has a fully enclosed cabin.

Now, as to how much those laws are actually enforced… I have no idea. Perhaps they’re not.


It is $8K less than an i-Miev, now, and $15K less than it sold for originally. Who knows how much an i-Miev actually costs? Government incentives/regulations have screwed up market signals to the point that OEM prices have little connection their costs. Of course, if we ever had to pay the actual environmental costs of any of our cars, we would be driving much smaller, slower vehicles.

Not to mention, it’s also faster and has more range than an 1-Miev.

But not at the same time. 🙂

One hundred miles range would mean about 69 Wh/mile. It should be able to do that around town, but on the highway I’d guess 110-150 Wh/mile.

An i-MiEV can be had for $25,825.75 CDN pre-rebate. If classified as a motorcycle, this vehicle won’t qualify for any provincial incentives, meaning post-incentive, the i-MiEV will cost $16,826.75 (+ tax) in Ontario, versus $19,888 (+ tax) for this single seater.

As far as range claims, I have my doubts that these are EPA equivalent range estimates, but even if they are, I’d still take the four door four seater.

Chacun son gout.

I messed up my i-MiEV math slightly, as tax is applied to the pre-incentive price, not post. But you get the idea.

Yes. As I said, it is not possible for a startup to sell EVs at break-even, or a loss, as the OEMs are doing. Plus the unfair advantage given to conventional designs. You’d almost think the OEMs had some say in writing the legislation. 🙂

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88 mph in a DeLorean FTW
***mod edit***

Sweet! Thanks, Doc

You can buy a 2012 Ford Focus EV with 30,000 miles in southern California for less than $10,000. Considering it cost $40,000 new, that is quite a bargain.

Since it is classified as a motorcycle it does not have to meet federal crash testing safety standards…

Who makes the battery??
Two year warranty??

It would be a lot more useful if it got 2 seats like Elio Motors.

Yes, I’m disappointed that Elio hasn’t managed to get their three-wheeler EV into production, because that looks like something I might actually like to drive if I am ever able to start driving again.

Not that any three-wheeled microcar will ever sell in large numbers in the USA, whether it’s a one- or a two-seater. Most Americans are too concerned about safety on the road to trust their lives to such a tiny car. Unfortunately, all too many Americans have bought into the mindset of an “arms race”; believing it’s important to be in the heavier vehicle in an accident, so that way they’ll “win”.

Maybe it will sell better in Canada, and Europe if it’s exported.

I have heard large SUV owners say they are safer. They don’t handle well and braking times are longer, so NO they are NOT safer.

Not to mention the significantly greater tendency of SUVs to roll over.

Yeah, SUVs are designed and marketed to make drivers* feel safer, but whether they actually are or not… that’s another question.

*Especially women drivers, and no that’s not being sexist. Surveys show a clear difference between the sexes; women drivers have a greater need for their car to make them feel safe.

No such thing as an Elio car.
In the beginning one could think that the entrepreneur was simply over-optimistic, and the many poor folks who paid a non-refundable deposit for a car with no production prototype.
I know how much the high-end scooters (250cc and up) cost to build for the mass Asian producers, and they have a lot less bodywork & systems than the Elio… They’re off by a factor of 2x, more like 3x.

At this point, it’s clearly 100% scam. They’re over 5 years late, are $53M in debt, and there’s noone in the company with any significant automotive production experience.

Mitsu iMiev is only a Compliance car sold in just few states.

I guess this vehicle may be available everywhere. But who will buy a 1 seater vehicle for $15,000 $.

At least they should have added another wheel and made it a 2 seater.

There certainly is a strategy with making a car a 3-wheeler, so it will qualify as a “motorcycle” under the law, meaning it can legally be sold as a highway-capable vehicle yet not have to pass the stringent safety requirements of a passenger car. Not having to pass those crash/safety tests lets a startup make the car far more cheaply than a 4-wheeler. It also makes the insurance rate more attractive, since motorcycle insurance is far cheaper than car insurance.

Now, whether or not that is a good strategy… that’s a lot more debatable. The market for 3-wheeled cars in North America is pretty limited. Perhaps they would have been better to initially aim at growing 3rd world markets such as India, Southeast Asia, and perhaps China (altho China is pretty hostile to the import market), and only try to sell them in North America if they made a success selling them in countries where electric scooters and microcars are common.

Wow that thing is ugly! Why would anyone want that?

Obviously you’re not a fan of the “form follows function” philosophy.

Not saying you’re wrong; just pointing out that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and de gustibus non est disputandum.

That is a monstrosity BELIEVE ME

Will rather buy old Leaf than this 3 wheel coffin.

“There isn’t anything like it on the road. The prototype really caught my attention. I always wanted to get a motorcycle but it rains too much here and this is like a three wheel motorcycle with a body on it.  Then I found out it was electric which is even better.”

I’m looking forward to the Sept. 9th launch of the Electra Meccanica Solo in Vancouver BC. I’m in line for mine in 2017 in the U.S. and I was so impressed with this company and this vehicle that I launched http://www.soloowners.net It’s THE forum for Solo enthusiasts and future owners. I look forward to being a part of this informative and beneficial community. Please stop by, make yourselves at home and let’s talk everything Solo.Together we’ll be taking back the road.