Electra Meccanica Solo Electric Single Seater Goes For A Spin – video

MAY 4 2017 BY MARK KANE 21

The Electra Meccanica Solo is a three wheeler/half car; for about half the price of a new electric vehicle (from $15,500 – full details here). One of the first examples has now been tested by CNET.

Electra Meccanica Solo

It’s pretty a original design, with a single seat (one assumes this is why they called it the Solo).  Range is said to be up to 100 miles via a 16.1 kWh battery; considering the size, aero and weight, that number doesn’t seem too unreasonable to us.

It could be great low-speed runabout option, although the top speed is a rather lofty 82 mph (if you really want to drive so fast in a three wheeler), of which CNET calls maxing out a terrifying prospect.

“In fairness, Electra Meccanica’s little EV isn’t designed for the highway. It’s a city car for the vast majority of trips under 25 miles that most drivers make every year. The Solo is designed to be exactly as much car as one person needs to grab a few bags of groceries or for a short commute. The compact size makes it easily parkable on dense urban streets and the electric drivetrain means it’s pretty green.”

Its small size makes parking easy, but the lack of power steering requires some added muscle.

The weak point according to CNET, is surprisingly the powertrain noise, which is far from the norm in the EV segment.

“There’s a lot of mechanical whine from the electric motor and its single-speed reduction gear, as well as a good deal of road noise coming up from below the poorly insulated, lightweight composite cabin. Were there actually room for a second soul aboard, you’d have to shout to talk to them.”

The Electra Meccanica Solo starts at around $15,500 with U.S. deliveries scheduled on early 2018, but whether or not a small scale startup is able to compete with used full size cars (like the Nissan LEAF) in similar price range remains a huge question.

Some other specs of interest:

  • electric motor puts out 82 hp/94lb ft of torque
  • top speed of 82 mph (about 130 km/h)
  • single passenger
  • 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in under 8 seconds
  • 15” aluminum alloy wheels
  • cargo space: 10.3 cu ft (285 liters) – equivalent to the Mercedes C300 coupe

source: CNET

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If you live in Germany you’ll be able to get a 2+2 seater for that price next year.

This would be fine for many people. I hope they sell a bunch.

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You should acknowledge its Corbin Sparrow roots. The upgrade to AC motor, and lithium ion battery makes the idea finally viable. The problem is, motorcycle riders don’t like to be enclosed, and car passengers like their amenities.

And as Dean Kamin learned, no one is going to build cities around their functionality.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

How about the good ol Tango?

If it was 0-62 in under 6 seconds, I know the Subaru tuner crowd would look twice!

It looks absolutely ridiculous but I’m surprised at the low price. With incentives it might actually sell a little. Even so, if I were shopping for a small city commuter I much rather would want a Smart fortwo ED instead, although they are significantly more expensive.

Looks good in theory, but in reality I don’t think there will be much demand. Single seater is very limiting; most car buyers will prefer a four or five seater compact. And most motorcyclists don’t want to be enclosed.

It reminds me of the Aptera in some ways, although that company failed long before demand could be proven or disproven.

do you get federal 7.5k on these type of vehicles?

It’s $2500 for a vehicle with at least a 5kWh battery, plus $417 for each additional 1kWh of battery capacity, up to $7500. So with 16kWh, it should qualify for up to $7,087 for the federal rebate.

But you can pick up used Spark EV’s and Leafs for about that, although without as much range.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

That’s if it qualifies for a car.
I recall Aptera would not qualify for the $7500 because it had only 3 wheels and was classified as a motorcycle.

Well, if it gets a $7,500 tax credit then that makes it cost about $7,500… which isn’t bad. I’d almost consider it as a second car. The vast majority of the time I’m driving my car, I’m the only passenger and I have no cargo with me. But I doubt it would be significantly cheaper to operate than my Volt is already.

Three wheelers are considered motorcycles.
Unfortunately, federal tax credits for motorcycles are history. There are still a few state incentives.


The 10% incentive for 2 and 3 wheeled EV’s expired at the end of 2016. There is no chance it will get extended under the current administration.


I’m sorry, but it is kill it with fire ugly.


Dude, we’re going to need a different getaway car!

What’s the point of an EV that’s noisy ?
So noisy you can’t talk on the phone or listen to music is crazy in a modern car.
Also zero safety features because it doesn’t legally need them?
You can get a one year old Leaf for half the cost and get four times as many seats, with real EV quietness and safety.

Sucking expensive! I’d pay half of that for some shiiet like that

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