Einride T-pod Self-Driving Electric Truck From Sweden


In the heat of an electric truck race (with Tesla as a contender, Daimler in the business, Nikola with a electric-hydrogen hybrid semi, as well as more recently Cummins announcing itself with a new prototpye), a Swedish company – Einride has come up with the T-pod concept/self-driving truck this Summer.

Einride T-pod

It’s equipped with a 200 kWh battery, good for 200 km (124 miles) of range, but you (mere mortal) ain’t going anywhere, as there are no doors to hop on board … it’s fully autonomous.

On the highway, the T-pod will care for itself, while in the city there will be remote driver approach (at least the option to do so, if needed).

The cargo capacity stands at 15 EUR-standard pallets.

“The T-pod is an electric, self-driving vehicle that can be remotely controlled by drivers. In addition to the T-pod, there will be charging stations and an infrastructure that will make the system the most pioneering of its kind.”

The concept of full autonomy (when achievable/permitted) is especially attractive for hauling, as it takes traditional human driver limitations (and preference for very long distance drives in “one go”) and optimizes it for the vehicle, it’s electric abilities, and of course the timelines for the delivery itself.

On September 4th, the company will be presenting the T-pod live at the STHLM Tech Fest in Stockholm, Sweden.

It will be interesting to hear about the charging infrastructure plan, as there is a visualization given (below) with dozen of recharging stands for these trucks.

Einride T-pod

Einride T-pod

Einride T-pod

Einride T-pod

Einride T-pod

Einride T-pod charging

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Looks very premature to design a large truck that only has autonomous (or pilotable remotely) driving… It’s a pretty safe bet that 20-ton trucks will be among the very last types of vehicle allowed on the roads. The damage from such a vehicle losing control at highway speeds is serious…

Also, given the large available volume, it doesn’t make sense not to provide a manual driver cabin that cna be swapped for cargo space. It would probably take <5% of the available space, and add very little to the platform cost.

Will it have a minority report ?

Precrime could be detected, but a 20 ton self driver might not be what society wants right now.

Looks like it belongs in a video game. Slap a Decepticon logo on the side and you’re all set: Missiles away!

Truck drivers need to be looking for different employment sooner rather than later.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Why does it look like another larger truck is humping the smaller one in front?

Nice! Since its in town I might drop by to have a look at this one 🙂

The lawmakers here are awere of autonomy and steps are beeing taken to alow it, so it might actually hapen sooner than one thinks 🙂