Efacec Supplies 60 Quick Chargers to Netherlands and Belgium

DEC 11 2014 BY MARK KANE 4

EcoCare Milieutechniek

EcoCare Milieutechniek

Efacec announced a major charging infrastructure project in the Netherlands and Belgium with Allego, a company focused on operation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

60 new QC45 fast chargers will be installed at highways by the EcoCare Milieutechniek.

“The quick chargers are integrated with a renewed back office system from Allego and are being placed in the Netherlands and Belgium on rest areas along or nearby highways. A part of these chargers is a replacement for other ones not supplied by Efacec.

This project is at the moment the biggest quick charging network in operation in Holland.

Efacec partners for this project with EcoCare Milieutechniek (part of the Van der Werff Group – The Netherlands) who takes care of the placement and installation of the 60 QC45 chargers.

EcoCare and Efacec have an exclusive cooperation for the Dutch market.”

With so many chargers under one operator, we see some competition for fast charging operator, FastNed with 20 stations in the Netherlands.

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With Canadian Tire Corp. having the “Exclusive Rights for Energy Delivery” at Ontario Service Centres ‘On Route’ stops, they should be able to do the same for all the On Route Service Centres, and with 60, they could easily have 2 units at almost every Centre, if not 3! If the Province (Government) told them, OK it’s time to get these (types of) DCQC installed now at each Service Centre, before the end of June, 2015, maybe they would get the message’s and get it done! Pressure should be put on them, that if they don’t get on board, they will lose their ‘Exclusive’ rights! With each such station, there should be colocated at the same site, at least Two Level 2 Charging Stations, for cars without DCQC capability, and for backup/support for times when the L3 DCQC fails! Basing such a DCQC at 30 minute driving intervals along the Highway 401, between Windsor and Montreal, would be about 20 Units for 1 per site, or 40 if 2 per site. Going to North Bay, about 400 Kms, might add another 8 units as Singles, and a similar run to Sudbury could also be another 8, with 2 or 3… Read more »

Further, adding at least 3 similar units between Toronto and Niagara Falls, and maybe 1 between Niagara Falls and Fort Erie, would make it more inviting for Canadians to head South with their EV’s, and the same for Americans that have thought about driving up to Toronto!
So the GNP/Clean Air business case is with such a large push for DCQC installs, much less traffic on trips by EV Owners, would be with their gas car, as they could/would take the EV instead!

Also, if each large Mall, added a 20 kW CCS/CHAdeMO charging station, or two – more people would begin to notice such stations, and begin to research EV’s more earnestly! This would accelerate the inquiry about EV’s at Auto Dealers, to the point they would get on board better!

This is the map of currently operating Allego fast chargers: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/u/0/viewer?authuser=0&hl=nl&mid=z8P6OjVlhVb4.k6WdQhZoLyyo

They are well located, close to highway exits and a restaurant so you can get a cup of coffee or visit the loo while charging.

I have already used them extensively.

I think I have used the Venlo one. Are they compatible with the The New Motion pass?