Educating The Next Generation: More Fifth Graders Have Suggestions For Tesla’s Elon Musk

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MAR 17 2017 BY STAFF 12

Bria Loveday at Graebner Elementary School, showing the response from Elon Musk that went viral.

Bria Loveday at Graebner Elementary School, showing the response from Elon Musk that went viral.

Everything has finally calmed down over in Sterling Heights, MI, following the aftermath of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s viral response to the 5th grade girl’s letter (Bria Loveday), and the launch of Project Loveday. However, the students at Graebner Elementary learned more than just how to write a letter, and the whole amazing experience unexpectedly turned into opportunistic advocacy.

It seemed that most people were unfamiliar with Tesla, and CEO Elon Musk.

It seemed that most people were unfamiliar with Tesla, and CEO Elon Musk.

Bria and her parents pointed out that, as they progressed through the whole situation, they were shocked to realize how little people knew of Tesla, and Elon Musk, and electric cars. When talking to everyone from neighbors and relatives, to school staff, media, school board members at a recognition ceremony for Bria, and even educators at a state-level writing award ceremony, the common response was:

“Who?” … “What?”

This is surely not a positive realization for the segment, but it is not unexpected. Nearly all of the other 5th graders had never heard of Elon Musk, and few knew of Tesla’s existence. Diana Esparza, Bria’s teacher at Graebner, decided to work together with us to raise awareness, and asked the students to do some research on Tesla and other “green-friendly” practices in general. Then, each of them came up with a suggestion for Tesla.

What an incredible way to educate and advocate for a more healthy planet!

The entire school was overtaken by an earth conscious buzz, with many of the students going home and sharing with parents and friends, all about Tesla, saving the planet, and electric cars. Though the Loveday family only witnessed this at a local level, the enormity of the global impact is truly staggering. A vast majority of the news watchers, and the social media circuit, were learning about Tesla, and CEO Elon Musk, for perhaps the first time.

Bria and her family fielded questions from a multitude of people over the phone, via email, and on social networks. Many of the news outlets that called for interviews knew very little about the electric car startup, or its outspoken leader. Now they know … all because of a letter from a child, and a class-act CEO.

It turns out that 5th graders are very creative, and could provide some welcome advice to our global business leaders. One student suggested that Elon start a “kids” advisory council of sorts, to spawn new ideas from the younger generation. He also wants to see a solar-powered Tesla Model S. Another student thinks that doors (like the falcon-wing doors on the Model X) should retract/slide up into the vehicle’s roof. Yet another 10-year-old believes that comedy in the ads is a surefire key to success.

Little did these students know, Tesla is all about solar power, and Elon Musk has mentioned the probability of a solar vehicle roof option in the future. Consumers voiced concerns that the falcon wing doors could potentially be an obstacle, or collide with ceilings or objects. However, Tesla utilizes sensors so that this is not an issue. Tesla has ventured into Kindergarten classrooms in China to educate children about green-friendly transportation.

It is pretty awesome to see what can unfold via the internet and social media these days. All of this is proof that we can make a difference by informing the masses, and moreover, educating the younger generation.

Check out a few of the letters below:

5th Grade Letter

5th Grade Letter

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Is Bria Loveday related to Eric Loveday who writes here for insideevs? Or how about Steven Loveday, also writing for Insideevs?

How is this “not” something dreamed up by the Tesla-positive writers here if she is related?

She is my daughter. Eric is my brother. Her and I talked out the idea for a school project for her, as she wanted to do something related to Tesla, and she has seen our writing and watched some of the commercials. She didn’t want to be one of the myriad of kids writing to Apple, or a sports icon. Turned out to be a fun little project for her.

Mind sharing if you are a $TSLA stockholder in order to offer full disclosure?

No one employed by InsideEVs has/is permitted to own any shares in any related automotive venture.

Well that’s good to know. However, over at Electrek, I think we know what stock they hold. 🙂

We just really want it to be really cut and dry, no wondering about other motivations when we put out a story…other than just a love of EVs, (=

You can take your tin foil hat off now. I swear you’re just looking for confrontations, going around trying to ‘prove’ things. Who cares?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Sounds like Elon needs to open the doors for “Take your kids to work day”.

Allow field trips for everyone, even non TSLA employees.

A Good Witch waves her wand in approval over this idea.


“how ‘little people’ knew of Tesla,”

Sort of like a Zen koan especially on St. Patrick’s Day, in that, that phrase can be taken in a number of ways.

Heh, they don’t know Tesla, eh? I had this conversation with my six-year-old when we decided to buy a Mitsubishi Outlander 7-seater:

Him: But dad, why don’t we buy a Tesla?
Me: We need a 7-seater now that your little brother is getting bigger.
Him: But we can get the Model X, that’s a 7-seater.
Me: Yeah, but we can’t afford that.
Him: But the diesel car is bad for the environment…
Me: Yeah, you’re right, but we’ll drive it as little as possible, and drive the Zoe whenever we don’t need the larger car, okay?
Him: Okay (clearly not convinced)
Me: And we’ll buy the first electric 7-seater we can afford.
Him: okay

Nice. I love it. I have a seven-year-old son, and he is the same way. The girls like the fun stuff, and they sorta know what they’re talking about. But, only because they hear me talking, or they read my stuff. But the son … he eats it up. He wants to talk the talk haha.