Edmunds Selects Tesla Model S as Best Electric / Alternative Fuel Vehicle You Can Buy

AUG 30 2013 BY STAFF 8

Model S Wins Again

Model S Wins Again

It’s time to add one more accolade to the list for the Tesla Model S.

So Fast It's Blurry

So Fast It’s Blurry

Edmunds’ latest list of the “Best Cars You Can Buy” includes the Tesla Model S.

First, Edmunds says that inclusion on the list means that either “the cars that give you the best value for your money” or that “the cars that an owner survey dictated were the most reliable.”

Where does the Model S slot in?  Well, for 2013, Edmunds selected the 17 “Best Cars You Can Buy.”  The Model S took the crown in the electric/alternative fuel category and here’s Edmunds’ explanation of why:

Gee, should we pick a compact hatchback with a compromised trunk that can go about 80 miles on a charge and from zero to 60 mph in 10 seconds? Or, should we perhaps choose a grand, sexy luxury sedan with two trunks that can go 265 miles on a charge and from zero to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds? Decisions, decisions…”

“The latter, in case you’re unaware, is the Tesla Model S. Besides the generous range and truly incredible acceleration, the Model S is most impressive for feeling like a real car from a real auto manufacturer instead of a low-volume special haphazardly slapped together using bits and pieces from other carmakers. That doesn’t mean the Tesla is normal, however. An enormous central touchscreen controls almost everything, and for the most part does a good job of it. The trunk under the hatchback (versus the one up front where the engine would be) can be equipped with a pair of rear-facing jump seats. Perhaps most abnormal of all is the way it drives. The only thing that gets up to speed this quietly, effortlessly and rapidly is a magnetically launched roller coaster, while the Tesla’s incredibly wide stance and low center of gravity allow it to take corners with similar skill. It’s an astonishing vehicle that lives up to the hype and is without question the best electric car on the planet.”

The best electric on the planet.  That’s the Model S and that’s why it wins.

Source: Edmunds

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“The former, in case you didn’t know, is the Ford Focus Electric.” 🙂

That’s right! Second only to the Model S, the Focus Electric is.

Hmmm.. Maybe they should define a new class – Best alternate fuel vehicle under $50,000. I wonder which one they’d pick then.

Ford Focus EV? 🙂

Best performing? Spark EV
Best looking? Focus EV
Most spacious? Leaf

At this point it’s not much of a fight, the S is just so much better than anything out there. However since it’s out of reach for most people,it would be interesting if there was some kind of class division. “Best alternative fuel vehicle under $40K” would be interesting.

I wonder what the walls of Elon’s office look like with All those awards and accolades.

I must admit I’m a bit skeptical about all these accolades. The car is very nice, but there are some issues. Since I live in a cold part of the country I’m attuned to the very poor performance of the car in cold weather. I’m the only one who ever mentions this. So all these reviews have something very lacking in them since we all don’t live in Southern California.