Edmunds Rates 2015 Tesla Model S P85D, Calls It “One Of The Best Cars In The World”


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

“Saying the Tesla Model S P85D is one of the best electric cars available is in fact doing it a disservice. With its great range, phenomenal interior, crazy amounts of power and a suite of driver-assist systems, the P85D is actually one of the best cars in the world. Period.” -Edmunds.

Okay, we can stop there.  Are there really any stronger words of praise?

Edmunds graded the Model S in 5 categories: Performance, Comfort, Interior, Value, & Fun to Drive. Each category has multiple sub-categories.

This one in particular caught our attention:

Tesla Model S P85D - Edmunds

We would like to correct an error (actually, it’s something changed literally right after this Edmunds’ report was released): The Model S now has a standard 8-year / unlimited mile warranty on both the battery pack & drive unit.

Additionally, you do not have to purchase a service plan.  With the Model S, you can annually bring it in for service for $600.

And remember, this is the same Edmunds that had so many issues/complains with their early build Model S.  Looks like Tesla has solved those problems.

Click here to read Edmunds’ full report.

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One could make the claim that it took Tesla several years in production to finally make the model S “Complete”; with its AWD drivetrain, increased efficiency, software updates, better seats, and sensor package.

Great products evolve. Stagnant ones, die. The future is a vibrating string of events, that fills the Universe with music. Let the sound of EV’s, fill the cosmos.

From the above Edmund’s article insert:
“Warranty C: The battery is covered for 8 years/125,000…But you have to buy a service plan.”

That is incorrect information by Edmunds. The Tesla $600/Year Service Plan is no longer “Required” (as it was before) and is now “Optional” and not tied to the warranty.

I think they read insideevs, because the edmunds site now rates warranty a “B” and has the current info about 8-year/unlimited miles.

Really? What does it take to get an A, I wonder.

Show me another OEM that warranties their powertrain for unlimited miles…

Additional mistake is that P85D has shorter range because of added weight of more powerful electric motors. Not because it is an AWD. People just still do not get it that actualy AWD makes electric cars more efficient.

Styling, Practicality, Efficiency, Safety, Driveability, Performance, Cost.

Model S is in top in all categories, no car compares!

“…the P85D is actually one of the best cars in the world. Period.” -Edmunds.

What, only “one of the best”? Consumer Reports called the Model S “the best car we’ve ever reviewed”, at least twice in different articles. And that wasn’t even the improved “D” version.

Poor Tesla, damned with faint praise by Edmunds.com! 😉

I don’t think it quite reaches that level, after all the grading is rather high. It’s more like a grudging compliment.

YES! We all Agree,But It’s Too BIG & Not For Me ! ….Now if They Could only Get started On the TESLA “E”….0r at least show Some sign that it’s Still Alive & Kicking…, Would be very Welcomed News to me!………..Cheers All !

So long as Tesla keeps building out the Gigafactory, we can be sure it is committed to building the Model ≡. They’re not investing more than $2 billion in a batter factory for nothing!

That’s one REALLY expensive cake! 🙂

Warranty information is incoorrect. Battery (at least in North America) on the 85kWh models is warranteed 8 years / unlimited mi.
p. 3, under “Battery Limited Warranty”


There goes CP’s argument that Tesla sucks because Edmunds said so (and because Tesla is based in “SillyCon Valley”)!!!