Edmunds Posts Multiple Chevrolet Bolt Impression Videos

Chevrolet Bolt


Edmunds is ready to fill us in with an entire year’s worth of critical Chevrolet Bolt reviews.

Edmunds has recently added a new YouTube channel. It just happens to have several new videos of the Chevrolet Bolt. This is because the publication just acquired a Bolt as a long-term test vehicle. Edmunds will have the Bolt on hand for 12 months and 20,000 miles; enough time to get super-acquainted, and provide us with all the ins and outs of Bolt ownership. As new videos come in, we will keep you apprised.

Check out the first installments below:

Videos via Edmunds on YouTube:

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27 responses to "Edmunds Posts Multiple Chevrolet Bolt Impression Videos"
  1. bro1999 says:

    Bottom line: Bolt is just a plain solid car. Period.

  2. Jim Whitehead says:

    In the video, they are surprised by the acceleration. One says: “Wow, its still going.” I suppose they had pretty low expectations for the car, like I did.

    After seeing the video, I called my local Chevy dealership in Williamsburg, VA for a test drive. The local dealer says they have a good list of people who want the same but Chevy won’t sell them one as they are on the East Coast. An earlier Insideevs article said that they were supposed to be in Virginia in February but the dealer still can’t find one in a thousand miles! See http://insideevs.com/chevrolet-bolt-state-state-rollout-schedule-general-motors/

    So a good followup question for GM, is why are they dragging their feet on the East Coast? They are turning away some instant sales, especially in upscale areas like mine (a university town).

    1. Ross says:

      According to the Chevy website, there are plenty in stock at dealers in MD. There’s 4-5 dealerships around me that have decent stock. It appears they’re dragging their feet on a state by state basis, rather than on the east coast as a whole.

    2. Egk says:

      Koons Chevy in Tysons corner, va has 18 on the lot. They sold me my Volt and are a solid dealership​.

      1. alohart says:

        Did you mean to type “Bolt” instead of “Volt”?

        1. AlphaEdge says:

          Do a search for their website, check inventory, and check the left most column, and check Bolt, and it does list 18.

          1. Ziv says:

            Koons has had Bolts for 6+ weeks now. They only got half their original order but they are building inventory now. Good service dept. Sales people are ok.

      2. Neromanceres says:

        Looks like they have a lot coming as well:


    3. WadeTyhon says:

      Not all dealerships are created equal… some dealerships perform better than others in sales and customer satisfaction. Poor performing dealerships tend to get less inventory in general. Especially for popular, new or desirable products.

      This dealer in Virginia has quite a few in stock. (37 as of 5/15/17) They have exterior and interior photos so these should be there on the lot, not in transit.

      Try giving them a call. The distance from Williamsburg to Sterling is about 170 miles according to Google Maps. So, less than the Bolt EVs range.

      Pick one up, charge on your way out of town, and drive it home! 🙂


    4. unlucky says:

      The dealer is snowing you. “Sell what you got” is the mantra. If he doesn’t have it he’s certainly not going to imply you should try a dealer who DID order some when their order slots opened in December. He’s going to try to turn you off to the car and hope you buy something he does have.

      If he doesn’t have any in Virginia either his dealer sold all theirs or didn’t bother to order when presented with the option. He claims they weren’t allowed to order any. Show how this displeases you by taking your business to a dealer who did order some.

    5. Bacardi says:

      Fine a new dealership who hopefully will lie to you less than this one…

    6. Warren says:

      That dealer is lying to you. The dealer in Newport News shows two, and there are 67 more listed within 75 mile of you.

    7. ModernMarvelFan says:

      “ut the dealer still can’t find one in a thousand miles!”

      Either that dealer is lying to you or you are easily to lied to.
      But either way, it sounds like that you don’t like car.

      Most MD dealers are less than 200 miles from VA. So, that 1,000 miles are probably made up by you and your bias.

  3. ffbj says:

    A decent car. A city runabout which may likely fit your situation if you have a garage, or can charge at work.

    1. JustWilliamPDX says:

      It’s range and capabilities qualify it as more than decent, and more than a “city runabout”. And no garage required, just off street parking and power.

  4. unlucky says:

    These guys have no idea how to evaluate seats?

    No thigh support for a very tall person? No kidding. That’s how seats work. If the seat were higher then normal sized people’s feet would be in the air when sitting in the seat.

    I can’t believe this guy is 6’1″ admittedly sitting behind a seat set for a 6’5″ person and he complains his knees can touch the seat in front in a car this small. Which crossover in the size range (or even in any small size range) is he comparing it to when saying it is merely “usable”?

    I have no idea what he’s talking about the back seats only being useful for occasional use. Even at his height of 6’1″ he’s fitting well back there, he’s not touching his hair unless he goofs around and straightens his spine in a way he would never do on any other occasion.

    It’s because of goofs like these guys that a “small car” like a Civic is bigger than an Accord used to be. They gotta mark a car down for working well just because they can see a larger car might require even fewer compromises.

    Having to arrange your car so that the 6’1″ person in the back isn’t directly behind the 6’5″ driver so that the person in back can sit with his knees artificially together for the whole trip and not graze the seat is not a huge imposition.

    Oh, and he’s complaining the front collision warning light is pretty prominent in his eyesight. NO KIDDING?!? You stop to think that might be intentional?

    The quarter windows aren’t minivan-like. They are Prius-like. The aren’t because of the rake of the windshield, they are because the wing mirrors are pulled far back from the bottom of the A pillar. This is to reduce drag and wing mirror noise. Wing mirror noise is very noticeable in EVs due to the lack of engine noise. So like the LEAF, the wing mirrors are pulled back out of the airflow. Once you do that, there is an area that requires a window ahead of the mirror. Just like on a Prius.

    I don’t have a problem with reflections with sun ahead (which any car would anyway), but if the sun is off the driver’s left shoulder the sun on the white part of the dashes can produce a strong reflection in the side mirror that washes out the wing mirror view. I’m not sure making the top part of the dash white is worth the downside even if it is minor.

    I agree with them about the brakes. The blended brakes mean a long pedal travel and a “fluffy” stop at the end of the travel instead of a hard stop. It’s vastly better than the LEAF, but most cars with purely friction braking have better pedal feel. I also agree about the stopping releasing at the end. I tried to tell the salesman how scary this is the first time you drive it. Both I and the person I rode with on the test drive felt like we were going to hit the car in front when stopping. Once you’re used to it it’s no problem (especially if using single pedal driving) but it is very strange. It does make it easy to bring the car to a smooth, non-rocking stop, unlike a LEAF where the brakes grab at the end virtually every time.

    The wheelspin gets a little better after a month as the tires wear in. But certainly they are the weak link during the first part of acceleration, especially if you are turning as you accelerate. The torque steer is prodigious too under heavy acceleration, at least it pulls straight and not to the side.

    Gotta love the blatant agenda pushing on the seats. “Mark, what do you think about the seats.” “I like em.” “Oh, but aren’t they too narrow.” “Oh, yeah, I meant they are far too narrow.” Sheesh.

    1. Justin says:

      He’s not wrong about the seats, they are narrow. The are many people who complain about the seats, myself being one of them. They’re so bad (unusually small, and in my case creaky) that I almost wonder if it was intentional to temper sales. The rest of the car over delivers in so many ways, but those front seats that only for half the population….. GM has making cars for ages, they’re perfectly capable of creating adequate seats in other similarly sized cars….

      With all that being said what bothered me was focus on the brake pedal feel. Yeah it sucks but you never use it anyway (driving in Low mode). If you’re using the brake pedal like a traditional ICE car you’re missing the point here. I hope that they explore and spend some time in Low to get used to it and discover the true brilliance of this car.

      1. unlucky says:

        The seats are too narrow once you are told they are too narrow apparently. As we see here before that they are fine.

        They do make adequate seats for other similarly sized cars. These are the same seat bottoms as the Buick Encore and presumably Chevy Trax. The difference is no one is loading into people’s heads that those seats are no good.

        Recognize them?

        1. Fabian says:

          “The seats are too narrow once you are told they are too narrow apparently. As we see here before that they are fine.”

          Perhaps, but I noticed this right away on the first drive of the car. I have been able to modify the front seat padding to make them more comfortable, but the seats are just not very good. The rest of the car is great.

    2. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      unlucky said:

      “Gotta love the blatant agenda pushing on the seats.”

      Well, Unlucky, I’ve often wondered just what your hidden agenda is for bashing Tesla so frequently. From this post, I guess your agenda is promoting GM on a “they can do no wrong” basis.

      Given all the complaints about the Bolt EV’s front seats, I think it’s safe to say that it really is an issue. What sticks in my mind most isn’t a comment from a pro review of the car, but a personal experience comment posted here at InsideEVs. It was from the husband of a woman who recently got a Bolt. According to the report, this woman invited three of her friends and/or neighbors to try the car out, and all three immediately got out of the car, saying the front seat was too uncomfortable for them to consider buying one. As I recall, he also said he had the same problem with two of his friends who tried it out, altho others reportedly had no complaints.

      I realize GM was trying to save weight by using narrow front seats without much padding, but it seems quite clear that was a mistake. Hopefully that’s a mistake which will be corrected in next year’s model.

      Otherwise, from reviews, I think it’s a pretty solid car. Yeah, there are a lot of complaints about the DCFC capability being only an option, or inadequate, or both. But I don’t think that would stop this car from finding a market, as 55% of BEV drivers say they have never used a public EV charger.

      I think the problem with the front seats is a far bigger obstacle to sales.

  5. Pc says:

    I drive in L mode and I never use the brakes to stop the car, only to hold it at a stop.

  6. Arthur says:

    Ya. L mode 99 percent of time. Love the regen braking in low. Took a few days to become totally natural.

    As far as dealers, if their mouth is moving they are lying. Never take a dealer for his/her word. Do your research.

    As far as mileage I’m getting 410-430 over the last 5 weeks. 410 when I’m driving the majority of the time…love that instant response…430 when the wife drives.

    Compliments on the style. Leaf owners here seem to love it. Most happy with the Bolt.

  7. Tom W says:

    Love L ! Drove our traverse this past weekend on a 9 hr 1-way trip to Eastern Oregon and found myself also reaching for the regen paddle on the back of the steering wheel … ha ha! I had to re-learn how to drive our Traverse after driving the Bolt daily since the top of the year.

  8. fasteddie2020 says:

    I think this summarizes the general comments on Bolt over the last few months. It really comes down to what GM’s intentions truly are….which will only be visible in the years to come.

    1. unlucky says:

      True fast charging is not supported in the vehicle? If it supports 80kW charging as we are told then it supports charging faster in mph than several current Tesla models due to its higher efficiency. Would you say a Tesla Model X P100D doesn’t support true fast charging?

      1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

        If there is any truth to your claim that the Bolt EV can charge faster at a DC fast charge station than a Tesla Model X can charge at a Tesla Supercharger, which I find very doubtful, then let’s see a real-time video of the car’s display while charging.

        For comparison, I’m sure you can find any number of videos showing the Model X doing exactly that.

    2. Mike says:

      “No practical long-range charging is planned” I assume you mean a network? Check out this image showing all the fast chargers installed at Chevy Dealers (to a cost of approx $200 million)