Ecotricity’s Electric Highway in UK To Get First DC Combo Chargers in May


Ecotricity's Electric Highway

Ecotricity’s Electric Highway

After a long period of cooperation with Nissan on the rollout of fast charging infrastructure in UK for cars with CHAdeMO or AC Type 2 inlets, which enabled 400+ mile journeys, Ecotricity is now preparing to add DC Combo chargers for upcoming BMW i3s and Volkswagens.

Additionally, Ecotricity has a promotion for customers who buy the VW e-Up! to receive 1,000 free electric miles.

According to EV Fleet World, the first charger with a Combo DC plug (Combined Charging System) will be added to Ecotricity’s Electric Highway in May after tests with cars.

“Ecotricity will begin the CCS roll-out installing the first units on the M6 corridor between Birmingham and the Scottish border, but is targeting a six-month roll out to convert its entire Electric Highway network to the new standard. Some will be new locations, while others will add a separate unit alongside the existing AC/DC chargers on the UK’s busiest routes.”

Ecotricity offers free access with 100% renewably sourced energy and is already covering huge portions of main roads and some IKEA stores. The long term goal is to have a charging point at every motorway service station in the UK by the end of the year and on some A-roads, too.

EV Fleet World also noted that Ecotricity has had problems with a design fault with the current CHAdeMO charging units and is working to fix them.

Source: EV Fleet World

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The lower priced 2015 Focus Electric launching in the UK will also use the New Combo Chargers.

Ford is the #1 brand in the UK for 37 years with the Focus and Fiesta either #1 or #2 in sales in the UK.

So expect 2015 Focus Electric and anticipated Focus Energi to fight for #1 EV position in that market.

C-MAX Energi is already confirmed to launch in the UK later this year.

That’s the first mention of Ford using CCS to me. That makes at least three models with CCS for the UK. Having charging stations with both CCS and CHAdeMo makes sense.

You are a liar. That fake EV with trunk mounted battery pack is compliance car with no intention to sale any volume.

I wouldn’t call it a real compliance car since it’s available in Europe as well. It’s a low volume car.

Give it a rest, The Ford Focus Electric trounces the Leaf for around the same price.

…Available in most states…

More than enough room for Groceries.