ECOmove Unveils Electric QBEAK 3.0 Prototype…Pushes Production Back to 2014


Development of the lightweight ECOmove QBEAK electric vehicle began way back in 2009 with production promised for 2012.  That’s a promise ECOmove won’t be able to keep, but at least there’s progress to report.

The latest version of the QBEAK, referred to here as 3.0, is not quite production-ready, but it’s getting near.  The Danish developers of the odd-looking QBEAK hit countless hurdles, which the firm labels as “unforeseen challenges,” but the QBEAK’s radical design may be worth the extended wait.

It's no more stylish from the rear.

ECOmove describes the QBEAK as the world’s most environmentally-, energy-, and city-friendly vehicle ever conceived.  The ECOmove’s in-wheel motors crank out approximately 50 horsepower, which the firm says is ideal for city driving and suitable of highway use.  Amazingly, the QBEAK tips the scales at a scant 1,102 pounds.

Now here's a novel idea.

Future development plans call for the vehicle’s current 80-volt setup to be replaced by a 300-volt system.  ECOmove is rather hush when it comes to the QBEAK’s battery system.  The firm only says that it’s arranged in such a way as to allow for simple battery swaps and is engineered for different powertrain setups (i.e. fuel cell or range-extended electric).

Look for the ECOmove QBEAK to officially launch in 2014.  If the firm can strike a deal with parts suppliers and a vehicle manufacturer/assembler, then it’s likely the QBEAK will be sold in Europe, Asia and even the United States.

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