Ecocruise Cruser Sport Off-Road Electric Vehicle (w/video)


Uh wait.  What?  While Gizmag saw fit to post a story about this (basically just a) highly styled glorified golf cart called the Cruser Sport, and a jaunt over to the company’s page yielded some very slick-looking 4 and 3-wheeled vehicles, we couldn’t help but notice the motorcycle/scooter page after this video that somehow reminded us of the old Woody Allen movie “Sleeper”, and the scene with the VW bug in the cave.  Remember?  Take a look and judge for yourself:

…but back to the motorcycle page.  What caught our eye, along with several models that mildly resembled the Vectrix scooters of days gone by, was this – a photo of what they were calling the Ecocruise EMA, but was touted as a fuel cell motorcycle back in 2009:

Eco Cruzer, or ENV-1?

Ecocruiser EMA, or ENV-1?

Don’t believe it?  Check out this post from June ’09 on The Electric Chronicles, and the video posted there.

“The ENV H2 motorcycle uses CORE cell technology, which contains the hydrogen and battery components in one unit and is removable from the motorcycle. The Intelligent Energy ENV, with its 6kW, 48 volt motor and 1kw fuel cell, has a top speed of 50 mph and a range of 100 miles. The speed and range are expected to be increased by the time the ENV reaches its production version.”

Oh wait.  Did we say 2009? Scratch that – this video was posted on Youtube in ’06.

Simply pilfering online motorcycle images to bolster their website?  A long history of EV product development?  While the golf-cart stuff is cool, somehow (especially since it’s not really a production product yet) this somewhat questionable page is far more interesting. What does it all mean?  Enquiring minds want to know.

At any rate, the golf carts come in three flavors – golf cart, off-road thing, and NEV (“neighborhood electric vehicle”) as reported by the Gizmag story:

All three models feature a 5-kW brushless DC motor powered by a lithium iron phosphate 72-volt 62-Ah battery pack, anti-lock disc brakes on all four 14-inch aluminum wheels, plus front and rear suspension. The top speed is 25/35 mph (40/56 km/h) depending on local regulations, and the range is 35 miles (56 km) per charge – an optional higher-capacity battery boosts that figure to 60 miles (97 km). A regular wall outlet is used for charging.

Hold on, there’s a scooter shot there that rings a bell too.  See this, again from their site?

Ecocruise ES2 A/B

Ecocruise ES2 A/B

and this?

BMW scooter concept

BMW scooter concept

Yeah, at the best some sleazy pilfering of internet images…  Ain’t Google Image Search swell?

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That Cruser looks like the Bug from Hell!

Yes the BMW is a simple photo shop job. The split line from pavement to wall crosses the wheels at the same place. Maybe they bought the design from BMW “wink, wink”.

This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time

Perhaps it is an homage to an early EV . . . the Moon buggy!

It even has DirecTV.

No, this is for OTA Updates 😉 NASA was way ahead.


As an industry we need to encourage and promote all EVs not just the Tesla, Volt and Leaf, BMW etc. The only way to beat big oil/auto is by changing the playing field. This means changing the way people view and use personal transportation. If we continue to compete head to head with ICE autos our fledgling industry will lose and we’ll end up being like the diesel passenger car, 4% of the worldwide car market in 1970 and 4% now. We need to accept 2015 EV sales suck. No more excuses about model delays and hoping that increased battery capacity will magically enlighten the auto buying public. It won’t.

The EcoCruiser is trying to fill an important niche between a traditional lead acid golf cart and a Mercedes SMART car. A $10K EV that that can be used on a daily basis.