Eaton Leaves The Commercial EV Charging Station Game

SEP 3 2015 BY JAY COLE 7

Eaton send out a note to its sales operation team that it would be getting out of the commercial electric vehicle charging station manufacturing business, citing a “strategic business decision”.

The company bills its EVSEs as providing “… the most robust, flexible offering of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) on the market. Eaton’s Pow-R-Station family of solutions is the electric transportation industry’s premier EVSE.”

Eaton Chargers

Eaton Chargers

Looking at the secondary EVSE manufacturing landscape overall in the United States, we count approximately 20 players in the market; of which, we tally that 4 of those companies own about 50% of the pie – ClipperCreek, Bosch, Aerovironment and Leviton.

Effective September 1st, Eaton is discontinuing “manufacturing and bidding future opportunities” on the following EVSE lines:

Direct Current hyper charger for electric buses

  • 250 kilowatts (kW) to 1 megawatt (MW)

Level 2 Commercial Electric Car Chargers

  • Single & Dual chargers including Credit Card & RFID versions
  • All OCPP Gateway options including Cell & Ethernet
  • All OCPP End Device options including RFID

Eaton says they will continue to provide technical support through their resource center, and will continue to honor warranty claims 18 months from shipment or 12 post-installation – whichever comes first.

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That list does not include the DC fast charger that is pictured. Will those be discontinued as well?

That’s a shame, they made some nice L2 units. These are the ones my city and my employer bought and I’ve never seen a single one out of service. The integrated credit card units were an easy way for buyers to charge for service but probably can’t be retrofitted for NFC or Chip so maybe that’s another factor in the decision.

Are you kidding me? Their L2 stations are the absolute worst due to incompatiblity with multiple vehicles. They are complete junk.

They are trimming costs from the under performing units of the company. A big fall in their stock price and less than inspiring forward guidance, seems to have precipitated this decision.

Yeah its a shame that Eaton is leaving the business, although the handwriting was on the wall even when they introduced their 30 amp docking station; they said there would be an equivalent 70 amp one ‘soon’, which never transpired.

Since there’s almost nothing in these things, you’d think companies would keep making such high-markup items, on that to actually LOSE money on such overpriced stuff indicates gross mismanagement.

Of course, the competition is adequate without Eaton, and they were rather playing ‘me too’. But their card reader equiped docking stations would be a natural for condos and apartment building charging. We need some big competion on that score to get cheap, billable solutions such as is seen in every cornerstore coffee house.

The Eaton Chademo stations that I tried were serviceable but the screen was not viewable in direct sunlight, and was placed so low that an adult had to squat to read it. I will not miss Eaton in this market.

Their biggest blunder was how they wired that stupid red emergency stop button. If it was pressed, you had to open the panel to reset the breaker….and that had to be done by a professional meaning any idiot could take down a station for days.