Earl On Cars Discusses Tesla’s Direct Sales Approach – Video


It’s an often-discussed topic, one in which we all seem to have differing opinions.

Here’s Earl on Cars’ take on the direct sales approach taken by Tesla Motors.

“Does Tesla’s direct model represent the future of car sales? Listen to Earl’s perspective.”

That's Earl

That’s Earl

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Thanks for the video! I posted this in Earl’s YouTube page:

FYI the following statement in your video is not true: “If you want to drive from here [Palm Beach] to Jacksonville forget about it. In a Tesla you have a very limited range.”

Tesla’s supercharging network is growing, and there is a Supercharger just south of Daytona Beach (in Port Orange). This is about 190 miles from Palm Beach, which is in the range of all Tesla’s sold. So, after 2 1/2 hours of driving, you would have to stop for 15 minutes at the Port Orange Supercharger to get enough charge to go the next 100 miles to Jacksonville. I don’t know about you, but I’m usually ready for a bathroom/leg stretch stop after two hours or so, so this wouldn’t even be any less convenient than any other car.

Okay… His negative views regarding Tesla’s small production numbers, Superchargers, and Batteries he feels aren’t up to the task of providing enough range in cars– is because he’s an ICE Auto Dealer himself.

“small production numbers”.

How many times do these old guys need to be told it’s a $100,000+ car, and they sold 35,000 last year.

Those aren’t “small” production numbers in that price range.

He says at 0:44 – 0:59 – “The Problem is…(Short Range)”, and at 0:59 – 1:02 “In a Tesla you have a very Limited Range” – Then at 2:25 -2:33: “I’m 74 and I’m Thinking about buying a Tesla, I’m a Toyota Dealer, and I’m Thinking about buying a Tesla because it’s such an Amazing Car!”

Seems like he got the Warm Fuzzies about the car – without learning much about the Technology of the Supercharger, it’s expansion model, and it’s experience!

I guess – for him – Even though it has “Very Limited Range” – it’s Still worth Buying! I think He will be surprised even more by the range it does have – after he buys it and drives it!! On the other hand – he should also get an experience test driving the iMiEV, LEAF, and Soul EV – Before he buys the Tesla – for a good all around EV Comparison! Maybe a Fiat 500e and Spark EV as well! Maybe THEN – he will appreciate how LONG the range of the Tesla is!

Imprecise language alert, “You can buy Tesla’s in a few states.” To me a few means a couple, that is two or perhaps three of a small group.
While it is a more flexible term in terms of of group size. Clearly a large group will be a larger few, so a few in 50 states could be 4/5.
Anyway, it’s more than a few states. I like the reviewer and his homespun style, though he seems less deeply informed than many followers here.
For a pretty thorough expose and a harsh going over of the states politicians in bed with NADA take a look at this guy: (warning: contains bad language).

I believe you can buy them in all 50 states, though they don’t have showrooms in all of them. Which makes the anti-Tesla laws all the goofier – the states that have them lose both jobs and car sales to neighboring states. Since the car is delivered to the buyer’s driveway anyway, the fact you are nominally purchasing it in a different state is not much of an impediment in my opinion (speaking as a person who’s done it).

I agree if you are determined and resourceful enough to get the car you want you are going to get it, and that the laws will really not dissuade people who truly want to and who can afford to own the best car ever made.
The laws, I think are meant to simply add sonme red-tape or put up roadblocks to make the convenience of getting a Tesla a bit more difficult.

Yes. I think in the case of Tesla you don’t even have to be all THAT determined and resourceful – you just click to buy, and some time later a guy shows up with your car on a truck. I’m sure it’s true the lack of in-state showrooms costs Tesla some sales to people who are nervous about not having local people to talk to, though. In that sense, the laws are more about FUD than actual (in)convenience.


Earl seems not to be very well informed about a car he is thinking about buying, odd for a guy who is a car dealer himself.

Imagine how much more he will enjoy his purchase when he finds out that you can easily drive border to border and coast to coast in a Tesla. For free.

Go for it Earl. You’ve worked hard all your life. You deserve it.

A poorly informed car dealer??? That’s hard to believe. They barely understand the product they sell much less another manufacture’s product. One of the many reasons they really stink up the car buying experience.

Super chargers have better coverage of the US than cell phones if you actually look at it.