EagleAID: EV Registrations In Western Europe Down In August

OCT 12 2014 BY MARK KANE 12

Nissan Leaf in Norway

Nissan LEAF in Norway Await Arrival of Electric Ferry

EagleAID often reminds us that the all-electric car market is growing poorly in Europe and this is story again in EagleAID’s latest report for August.

4,045 registrations in August in the sixteen West European markets is the number EagleAID reports:

“Electric car sales pace, far from growing, is slowing.”

“August electric car registrations in Western Europe, compared with the previous month, have slipped for 2nd month running.”

“A surprise slowdown in the underlying pace of electric car registrations in Western Europe has added to lingering concerns in electric car industry circles that an already slower than expected pace has now slowed to a mere crawl.”

“Of this total, Norway on its own accounted for almost half the industry’s total August haul.”

“Instead of picking up steady pace as earlier expected, following the market debut of new volume built electric cars from comparative heavyweights like BMW and Volkswagen, exclusively compiled figures from AID show that for the second month running since June this year, the number of new registrations failed to rise from the previous month.”

Well, comparing month-to-month, with August being one of the slowest sales months in the year in Europe, says little, and year-over-year numbers are way up.

The truth is however that almost half of all new EVs registered in Western Europe are registered in Norway – 1,736 new battery-electric passenger cars plus some 38 delivery EVs.

The good thing is that BEV sales in Western Europe exceed 35,000 in 8 months of 2014. Including plug-in hybrids and extended range electric cars, the whole of Europe should be at~ 60,000 this year.  And that figures proves that sales are up.


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Sounds like someone is desperate to put a negative spin on the #s…

August is Vacance month and notoriously slow for stuff like car sales.

We don’t need to look far to poke EagleAID’s balloon: as reported here, September 2014 sales in the UK shattered the previous record. Germany is also way up vs. last year, and even France seems to be recovering.

And September was not a new all time record month for Europe plug-in sales but at least the second best ever with over 10 000 sales.

August IS Vacation month in Europe.
I would go out on a ledge here, and say ALL sales are down in August, except Vacation Rentals.

So how much was the difference with September 2013? I’m pretty certain there’s a rise worthy of mention there?

August 2013 was at 2300 BEV’s. Or maybe even lower since EagleAID don’t seem to count all kinds of BEV’s.

So somewhere around a 100% increase compared to the same month last year.

The folks at EagleAID are the most negative about PEVs. This month, in the same piece reported above, they manifest their pessimism while reporting that CYTD sales of BEVs + ERREvs reached 35,228 units, up from 20,052 in August 2013. That represents a 75.75% growth year-on-year, but the outlook is negative? And they do ignored paralell plug-in hybrids, even though just the Mitsu Outlander has sold over 11K this year.

And I forgot. PEV sales in the UK, Germany and Sweden have skyrocketed this year. France is the only country where growth is nill.

Eagle Aid continues to twist the facts, massage the figures and cherry pick the data to make it all conform to their obvious anti-EV bias.

Eagle Aid tries to confuse everyone by separating pure battery only vehicles from all the other plug-ins, then suggests that EVs are failing because pure BEV sales may have lost some ground to plug-ins like the Mitsubishi Outlander.

Combine this with normal seasonal sales variations and you have just another downer, anti-EV article from Eagle Aid.

In August 2013 there were 3,380 plug-in cars sold in Europe.

In August 2014 there were 6,595 plug-ins sold, a nearly 100 per cent gain in one year’s time.


The chart title says “BEV Registrations”, so why should the PHEV numbers be included? Next I will hear, you ask to include FCEVs also, and then claim that BEV sales are picking up when total sales go up.

“Electric car sales pace, far from growing, is slowing.”

So says Eagle Aid……

Well, not exactly… The figures for BEV sales for September are incomplete, but even so, sales have already jumped up out of the August dip that Eagle Aid made such a big fuss about.

I was able to count 4,224 pure BEV sales in September so far. This total does NOT include sales from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Portugal, Estonia or Italy in the total.

These 4,224 sales compares to 4,045 in August and 4,371 in July.

Once the September numbers come in for Germany, and other European countries, total sales for Sept. may easily top 5,000 or even the 5,350 sold in June.

Eagle Aid makes much ado about nothing

You can find some of the german numbers here:

Missing are the numbers for models which have conventional motor and an electric version (like VW Golf or VW Up).
In a few days the detailed list for september will hopefully be published here.

Why even bother with these number torturers?